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Kbc dot com has stories you want to share curated for you. Sarah Nona's checking out kbc dot com Traffic Next one again groceries Alexa can help with that want to get the temperature she could help with that, too. Want to get it? Right. Just say Alexa enable the K A. B C AM skill. Okay, Here's a M 7 90 k A. B. C ABC. Dependable traffic supposed to pass the four or five South bound before Mulholland crash on the right shoulder. It's stop and go from the 101 South l A. The 1 10 north bound after Slawson crash blocking the right lane stop and go traffic from Manchester Laguna Canyon, the 1 33 south bound between Laguna Canyon Road and the 73. There's a crash blocking all south bound lanes. Montebello is stopping. Go on the 60 eastbound in between, saying Gabriel Boulevard in the 605 Pomona, the 71 North bound at the 10 57 stalled big rig in the right lane of the connector to the 57 North. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a m 7 90 kbc from East L A to West l a get it. Right. A 799. Okay, ABC. Hiring can be challenging. But zip recruiter makes it fast and easy. We talked to Monica Starks, who needed to hire for her company, G s group as the owner of a construction company. Finding the right people isn't very difficult Hands. So I use that recruiter Zip recruiter finds the right people for your job and actively invites them to apply its different crooner. We fired everyone from the accountants to project managers to feel scientists and now you can try Zip recruiter for free. That's right. Free at zip recruiter dot com slash free That zip recruiter dot com slash free Kendall's 30 minute pop fried things should be fun. Okay, Belle, it's on who's ready to work? Here we go. Don't forget to breathe. Good idea. Get out home Motivation. We are climbing through this chorus. Let's get it anytime you want it bump up that intensity. Give it all you have. I am You are unstoppable pellets on FAM tap into your motivation and one pellet on dot com. What could give you a competitive edge in today's red hot housing market rocket can't That's because Rocket mortgage can give you a verified approval. It could help your offer stand.

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