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In for 10922668 Covert 19 alive and well, not so well, but it's certainly alive and raging throughout particular south in the West, and the governor's made got things open so quickly, like Santa's in Florida. You and the governor in Arizona and Texas. Wow, What did they say? We're going to put economics ahead of of science and boy, are they paying the price now, with price with the positivity rate in Florida is almost 30%. And in Texas. I heard tonight There's something like 80 babies under the age of one have the Corona virus Now that's not so serious because Children don't don't are infected as badly as adults, but Sciences is taking a back seat in the sum of these states. And you know the consequence. It's going to be the economics are goingto suffer because of it. It just Anyway, we got to talk about that. We also want to talk about schools, The issue of school openings and Trump on Betsy DeVos pushing of schools open and oh, full capacity. And this governors in many states, including Maryland, are saying not so fast California saying No, they're going to open virtually We've got to talk about all of that. I mean, I don't know the answer. But I know the answer isn't just open it up. And run the risks to Children. Clearly getting the Children back in school is an important thing We gotta have that is to their benefit. I'm an educator. I know that. But we will also be safe. Safe has got to be the issue and with and whole issues. Can you do it with Max and all of that, anyway? We also want to talk about and we want to start with talking about John Lewis. A true giant in the Polish holes, civil rights movement. Tristan absolute giant I saw heard on the news tonight He'd been arrested 40 times during the sixties 40 times. What a giant Anyway, We're going to start with that with Mark And in Baltimore. We would talk about John Lewis Mark, Welcome to the show. Yes. Good, even in poor, So I just found out. I just shortly after our weekly to assemble, vented about the passing of the congressman John Lewis. And the one thing I will say I believe he was what? Somebody 9 to 80 years. Yeah, I think 80 years old. That was significant was I believe he participated and they marched on Washington in 1963 who has one of the youngest Roberti, youngest, the youngest years of age. The youngest, 23. Absolutely. He not only participated Mark, but I heard on the news tonight. He was one of the organizers of the March on Washington. So, too, And he really throughout this entire career, including being over the last several years of the congressman from Georgia, representing Ah, Atlanta and the different metropolitan areas of that state. Being a big John for the civil rights and all that. He really had made a name for himself. And for the African American community across the country. It will. It will be a great glory. Go. I don't know who will we play Lewis? In his footsteps. You know what I was thinking about the same thing. The same thing that Mark you know the black lives matter Movement and what's going on right now. But there isn't one person least from what I know that stands out as the person that you can look to to all of them. Clearly, black lives matter is a huge thing right now. But there isn't a single person that I think you can look too and say he's the one that we can look to for leadership. No. There's all kinds of folks got all kinds of ideas, but John John Lewis was was such a giant when he spoke, people listen because they knew He'd been there done that, and he was speaking from the heart. So he's He's a huge loss to the country to the African American community to the Legislature, Then just just Absolutely. You know, and one quick question, because I know that he doesn't recently passed away. But do you think it will have him? Uh, body line state at the United States have no clue. I would not be surprised if he didn't. If if that didn't happen, I mean, clearly, he was well regarded by both Republicans and Democrats matter fact in the Tonight. The both Democrat and every single living president has commented about what a wonderful man he waas. So you know that that would not surprise me at all. And I think if there's anybody that we've had this past week recently, who deserve it? Other than President's. Certainly he would be in that category. So I would I would think they would but again. Those are decisions I presume, are being discussed by folks who live in the in the powers that be in Washington by just saying. Whatever killing me, May he rest in peace and may his memory. Believe blessing to all those who knew and loved him, and this is a terrible loss for this country. But I just wanted to say Shalom in that circumstance, absolutely, the African American community community and we saw all citizens have lost a great leader truly a great leader. And I think, Well, he will be missed. I mean, I think I expected that the people who are in power now in Washington again. Take someone like Nancy Pelosi. I would I would expect that she has president lied on him a lot. You know, for guidance and for things, So I think that's a huge loss to our country and to the African American community and the whole issue of equality and justice. For all. He's a loss. When we're going to go on, we'll talk. Go to Bob in Parkville. We're gonna talk change subject of it, Bob. Welcome to the show. Are you okay? I wanted to talk about what happened up in court. Yeah, I didn't talk about that. Yes. You have the word There isn't happened. It's happening. Yes. Yes, Yes. 1960 Uh, This business of burning them buildings in all this and throwing Molotov cocktails. Ever return to this man is stupid, Mariner stupid governor. They got But, uh, that's arson is only all well, but you know, But the flip side of that is you know that the federal government, the HHS and ice, and all of that theoretically came in to protect the federal buildings. But the fact is that they have gone way beyond that. And the people who are protesting just quietly peaceful protest Ng You know, protesting..

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