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Tahoe, 71 degrees in Yuba City, not of the stories that are trending on this Monday morning. Very interesting op ed article from Willie Brown, one of California's leading Democrats, He you know, some consider him the most powerful voice among Democrats in California. He is advising Senator Kamala Harris to not accept the vice president job or its place on the ticket if it is offered to her. By Joe Biden. Kate McKay's Jensen Raeder reports as speaker of the State Assembly Willie Brown World the Lower house with an iron hand for 15 years in the air before term limits and later became the First African American mayor of San Francisco. In a column in the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown argues that Harris would be more independent and get more done as attorney general in a potential Joe Biden presidential administration. Before being elected to the Senate, Harris served as district attorney of San Francisco and as attorney general of California. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK. Also this morning. California is being warned about suspicious unemployment insurance claims KFBK correspondent Lesley Bowl has more. The CDC says it is cooperating with federal authorities and investigating possible bogus claims involving identity theft. The department reminds the public that it does not charge for its services, nor does it make unsolicited enquiries. Thie is warning about fake websites and social media pages that mimic Genuine government sites. More than 30 million Americans are out of work due to the Corona virus pandemic that was KPK correspondent Lesley Bowl. Businesses that do not comply with state covert guidelines will now face fines in Chico, Calif. The case Mike Baka reports by a 5 to 2 vote, the Chica City Council last week voted to find businesses that do not abide by state regulations for safe operation during the pandemic. Chico City manager Mark Orm says the ruling will serve as a framework for future cove in 19 enhancement measures. Councilman Shawn Morgan was boisterous in his opposition, and if we get into that we're going to shut you down business. The very people were asking to enforce those rules. On to and including the city.

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