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So i wanted to find out just why this song is such a challenge and that led me to stratos mandilak as he's a vocal coach he's the director of several choirs in the new jersey area and most importantly he is a former high school music teacher because as a tour of song optus this is why olds abc news super bowls lowest know okay um uh oh saying the source and go or the law on those all surveys elizer v l k c c c c g so it's it's an aqaba announce a very wide range to have in a melody so i asked him who he thinks does it passed out of winning houston anytime you hear trained voice doing at beit on one of the opera singers or after nine eleven there was that was fireman or or policemen i mean it was excellent but i dread watching opening ceremonies a games because it's always about me out about what i'm doing to show respect for my country on behalf of the audience there all right here it is from a pro holes in koa news she also the law which law also crawls we oughta start swath at all it's lost who through ruled straw sun debroy it's all the rules are all all laws falling for the wrong box we saw store soliga lawns vis three win earned axelrod car loans borrowers seeing for rule through the on ma well off walls to that too bad for my guy sitting dining room with no warm up.

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