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The news continues at five twenty two. President Trump continued to show confidence in his embattled supreme court nominee. Brett cavenaugh today. Is he deplaned in Minnesota ahead of a rally in Rochester? He spoke to a cheering crowd. Very well. Very well. The judge is doing well. Right. We'll have more on judge cavenaugh coming up in the news at five thirty one. And we're learning more about the man suspected of opening fire on seven law enforcement officers in Florence South Carolina, one died Jim Krasula in Florence South Carolina. The thirty-seven thousand who call this city home are trying to make sense of the shooting of seven lawman one fatally mayor Steven will Keila has spent the last twenty four hours only half believing. The stark reality of what does occur Seventy-four-year-old. Fred Hopkins is accused of shooting and sheriff's deputies and police officers as they tried to serve a search warrant at his home. The Vietnam veteran bragged online about having expert target shooting skills. Jim Krasula, CBS news, Florence, South Carolina. President Trump campaigning hard for GOP lawmakers Associated Press White House reporter, Jill Coleman says the RNC has amount on the road almost every day. At this point. They really feel like the president's presence can help these candidates by bringing out those Trump vase base voters people who don't traditionally vote in midterm elections. Just hoping that if he's there if he can read that enthusiasm that they might choose to turn out kmox news time five twenty four a back room of the Honey pit Smokehouse Kirkwood. Caught fire about six thirty this morning. Got you're really quick to fire up before it actually got in the building. We did have smoke in the building other than that. No fire extension, and nobody was hurt. Kirkwood. Fire chief Jim silver nail says the fire began in the area where meat smokers are used overnight. A man is charged with shooting BB's into a car full of high school kids. Gregory Kniffin from Troy Missouri told police he was the victim of senior prank vandals last year. So he was sitting in a chair outside with the BB gun watching for kids if instead Monday night, he saw the car heard a bang and tried to shoot at the tailgate scare the way he's charged with endangering the welfare of a child and property damage. There's a construction boom going on locally the problem. Finding enough qualified workers to fill those positions. I brought bloom. One ten GIS is president of associated general contractors of Missouri. He applied some numbers to the worker shortage problem ABC of America did a survey nationally and eighty percent of the contractors across the United States expressing shortage of work. And that goes across trae decided. A new and ongoing projects such as the convention center expansion and ballpark. Apologize for the technical difficulty. That was Cam likes. His Brett bloom reporting. Komo news time five twenty five modem spending October asking stakeholders around zuri what priorities should be in the states next long range transportation plan director, Patrick McKenna held the first of seven listening sessions today in Maryland heights. What should we do bridges.

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