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I think he's a total bumper. We'll do we'll do that. Then we have dame astra duchess of japan and all the disputed islands in japan. See see a theme here with cermark. Dijana adam through our fourth wave here in tokyo was a continually extended state of emergency. This is boots on the ground. And i asked for it. It's you also sent us a donation which is really nice. It'd mart one could get on with their lives pretty much as usual without too many restrictions. Everybody did being. Mass was never an issue here and people use their commonsense in avoiding the three cs. The three c.'s. Coughing cussing and cook holding the yes. The worst hit were bars and restaurants which are not allowed to serve alcohol and had to shut it eight pm. While of course it's nocturnal. We all know this but somehow being on a crowded train commuting to and from work seemed to be okay generally though yeah generally though people are not too keen to get vaccinated also. Japan has to undergo their own vaccine safety trials before approval. Historically the japanese have been put off by the troublesome adverse side effects of the mr vaccine and the hp v vaccine and vaccination no longer recommended ha g there you go and she has an extract from the japan times from may twenty ninth twenty twenty one. Japan has the lowest rates of confidence in vaccines in the world with just thirty percent of japanese saying they quote strongly agreed that vaccines are safe and effective. According to nhk survey from last year and more than one third of japanese said they did not want to get the covid nineteen jab worse. A growing number of people in japan don't believe vaccines are effective and then day mastered continues also. The japanese health insurance system is quite good. Which makes the gamble of not taking the vaccine worth it but you also might want to look at it as an incentive. Getting your shot in the rio goku sumo area as you get to wait. In at the box seats were potential adverse side effects decay energy tent us a picture of the sumo arena with the with newly vaccinated people. Some of them look. Did you see that picture using this. E mail yeah slumped over and just people didn't look too great in those assume match or something. I don't know that that wasn't a great picture. Concern for those people in those boxes. Love and light damn astro duchess of japan and all the disputed islands in the japan sea. Thank you very much. they mastered we miss. She does mention that. It seems as if the japanese have the absolute lowest. I was calling approval rating for vaccines in the world. Thirty three percent of the population thinks are efficacious a useful. Yeah that's right. Very low number brad fisher in hot springs. South dakota's fishing. We boycott the olympic games since these people are clearly republicans these japanese. It must be brad fisher in hot springs. South dakota fifty thirty three. We're in the free state of south dakota which is never mentioned by the way as one of the I guess areas of the world. That never locked down. She never liked ashi brags about it and nobody studies at this show. That is bogus lockdown. No like dan doesn't make any difference. My first donation caused confusion with dimension of queen jordan. The the roper. The current miss rodeo america. Or yeah rodeo. We're in the free state of south dakota and have a cold beverage waiting when you visit. Keep up the excellence in broadcasting and god bless thank you. I don't know exactly what the confusion was. I don't remember that clean jordan. Remember anything about casey greg. Thank you bread. Casey gray grand prairie texas not too far from here two hundred fifty dollars. Hey guys. I'm a rogue night here loves good thanks for being the best podcast in the universe. I made this donation from my biz account to get a write off. So here's a shameless business plug. I'm the owner of three sixty jujitsu in grand prairie texas. Where i'll teach you how to choke them out instead of hit them in the mouth any listeners. Nice any listeners. In the metroplex get a twenty percent. Discount for mentioning. They heard this on the show. Also i recently launched a crm software for martial arts school to manage their schools. And i'd like some are two d- two karma for that Thanks for always keeping it. Real casey in grand prairie texas. Three sixty Jj be dot com. I think it has three sixty three. Sixty ju jitsu all right. Well thank you very much Here we go.

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