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To see okay we have the motives he does they don't even like about who's coming back then we don't know we don't cares about these stupid shows you do I was like a Die Hard many many back in okay I'm interested in all right now all right and Paul McCartney is working on a stage musical based on the movie it's a wonderful life and he's working with Lee hall the play right who wrote Billy Elliot and Paul cities doing it because it seemed interesting and fun that's basically a there are many details yet but they're supposedly hoping to have it ready by the end of next year we're going to talk a little bit more about this in Hollywood speak yeah and tastic our right to for the latest entertainment go to our website my talk one of seven one dot com hello my talk out I just isn't there thank you I talked to alert at the top of every hour and eight twenty twelve twenty and five twenty on my top one of seven one sure one every thank you for joining us seventy she is in thank you for joining us it's been my pleasure to ask the question who is still watching the real housewives of any I went back in which is surprising.

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