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Classified data by visiting azure dot com slash cough 9 18 on the AIDS and when it breaks to Steve Dresner in the traffic Center in Maryland and the share really area on the westbound side of route 50 right before you get two to a one Kevin Worth Avenue. Crash activity involving a motorcycle currently blocks the right lane in the Frederick area. Eastbound I 70 Ram to South Bound I to 70 of report of the crash with RAM partially blocked. We do have response heading to the scene. So do be careful checker speeds and mirrors in the Dunkirk area. We have clerk up in earlier accident on North Bend rude for Brick House road. All North Bell lanes have been re open didn't affect Theseus outthe bound, flown by traffic moving much better around that North bound side chest. Habibi bridge westbound span closed for overnight road work to a traffic pattern in effect over the eastbound spam. Over in Virginia roadworks set up causing delays Now, South bound 95 unmoored bridge approaching 1 23. It's only down to a single right wing backed up over the Occoquan North bound pretty good ride from the freight for expert Garry up to this Springfield interchange and also a bit of a delay in Alexandria, North bound 3 95 between Duke Street in seminary Road that works own set up Has only a single left ling getting by When choosing insurance for your employees. Don't be another number as your broker about Renaissance a smarter way to offer dental vision, Life and disability insurance. Steve Dresner GOP traffic at a storm scene for a meteorologist Matt Ritter house will continue to increase this evening and overnight tonight. Some patchy fog and drizzle will also move in towards morning. Rose will be in the mid sixties to near 70. More will be a.

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