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Partnered her music. He just doesn't know. Well, that's true. It only listens to talk radio. But it's kind of amazing how xan, this is how this how it works with parenthood. Chris is going to happen to you one day. I'm sure it will. Would never would probably never have reached out to start listening to lizzo if it wasn't for him, and now sza. Why does that make you laugh? Because it make you laugh. Rich eisen 8 years ago is not the same man that rich eisen. Today is all I'm saying. It's a beautiful thing. It's growth. I love it. You know what? You know what I am? I'm a Tapestry. You just woven. There's different strands now that you never thought existed. I like it. Picasso. I might be one of the few people in the forum tonight. We'd be the oldest one there. I don't know. You will let you know. I'll let you know. There'll be others. When was the lizzo concert? This year last year. It was just a couple months ago. I mean, was it in 23? It might have been 2022. So within the year period, you've seen lizzo and sza. Both of the form. That's about that. Both in the city of champions. How about that? We're winning time once upon a time happened. It's a beautiful day. So here's the thing is I will admit, I will be definitely bringing up the median age tonight. Come off on the oldest, but thanks for asking. Keep an eye out. I might be one of the, I mean, it might be one of the few that's following. Tennessee versus Florida Atlantic on my phone. You know? Yeah. For sure. Everybody, you know, has their cell phones out lighting up their phone cameras. Lights. Thunder clippers. And here I am trying to make sure I've got enough. Battery power to make sure that I'm checking UCLA Gonzaga's tonight. PEEP in the end and Nick's magic. I did that last year during the duke North Carolina tourney game. I was at WrestleMania. Watching WrestleMania, but also watching this game on my phone and watching duke lose the Caroline. I might have to put the March Madness app on the phone, right? That's not getting into the spirit of everything, right? Will it be professional? You also got to think about work a little bit. I understand that. I'm also being father of the year. And by the way, she is one of the hottest entertainers on Planet Earth. Yes, she's despite you saying who? Chris. That's just on me. It is not a reflection of her eyes. Okay. I'm glad you can admit that. I just text you guys a picture of her. I literally, I just did the Google. I truly thought, am I going to bring it up today? And if I do, do I say, hey, guess what I'm seeing tonight? Look straight at you, TJ just to make you laugh. I'd been like, what is happening? Ask ZA tonight, everybody. The rhythm, the gza. This is a, here we go. Am I the reason? This show. There is a eisen shell. Oh, good one. Yeah, you'd be the wrist of the rich eyes. Because you know, you put it together, even though Wu Tang, they form like voltron and Jesus they had, but riza put Wu Tang together. So you'd be Rizzo, yeah. The rich is a show. What am I? I mean, I think I'd like to be method man, bro, you know? You're talking my language. That's my man right there. That's your man right there. He showed up once and he hasn't shown up again. That's my man right there. That gentleman. In my house. We need him back. That voice. Will I run into him tonight, maybe? I doubt it? Okay. Holler at your boy. Hour three coming up. Also the look he gave me when I went on my Staten Island spiel. To have method man here. And you there. I had to have you bring up to him. The fact that Staten Island is not really part of New York City. That's one of your greatest hits. Yeah, it is. He's not wrong. Along with Daniel Jones shouldn't be paid. That's a new one. We call those hits though? Yeah. Are those hits? But Daniel Jones is a new head. I think it's Chris brockman's greatest misses. Is anyone going to create his misses album? Somebody put together, hey, that's going to be on my greatest. That is great. What if steely Dan put together their greatest miss wells, according to according to Susie, it's every single one of their songs. She hates you. What? Not a steely Dan. Oh my God. I'm playing peg. Hey 19 is one of the greatest songs of all time. Come on. Well done. Whenever steely Dan comes up on the yacht rock station, it's an instant turn for I believe that aja may be in like the top ten albums of all time. I think steely Dan is a more of a male oriented thing. Man, believe it or not. Ricky, don't lose that number? Did you realize that? I think you're right. I get it. In the years? A woman like a song. That's true. It's just in my read the lyrics. True. I brought up

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