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The calculation Packers did beef up their defensive line citing Preston Smith the Darius math drafting Rashan Gary Daniel seem to be a man without a position who is making a whole ton of money let's go back to the testimony former special counsel Robert Muller going into down to what we had the core which is more in the course Constantine clinic or did you interview Constantine clinic I can't go into the discussion of arm rescue to moves and and yet that is the the the the on the basis of your report again the the problem we're having is we have to rely on your report for an accurate reflection of the evidence and we're trying to find out that's that's not true for example you you view your report famously links Russian internet troll farms with the Russian government on may twenty eighth in the Concord management irate prosecution that you initiated the judge excoriated both you and Mr bar for producing no evidence to support this claim what do you suggest Russia was responsible for the troll farms when court you've been unable to produce any evidence to support well I am actually get it at a for the night and then I already have but you left the clear impression throughout the country through your report other talk it was the Russian government behind the troll farms and yet when you're called upon to provide actual evidence in court you fail to do so well I will again dispute your characterization of what occurred in that prison in that proceeding in in in fact the judge considering considered holding prosecutors and criminal contempt she backed off only after he's we call press conference the next day in which you retroactively made the distinction between the Russian government and the Russian troll farms did your press conference may twenty ninth have anything to do with the threat to hold your prosecutors in contempt the previous day for publicly misrepresenting the evidence what was the question is do the question is did your may twenty ninth press conference have anything to do with the fact that the previous day the judge threatened to hold your prosecutors in contempt for misrepresenting evidence though now the that's Republican congressman Tom McClintock who is just growing Bob Muller on the this misrepresentation this was a big deal in what are the same March where may in may where a judge did in fact if you have to understand that that that Russia's government is not this all powerful all knowing entity as it's presented in America's media these Russian troll farms or whatever they originate out of Russia often times the Kremlin has no idea what's going on and mowers assertion that yes this was a crime when operation simply wasn't true that's what the judge was saying more.

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