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Rip that sandow from you at your worst day ever mcdonald's rip the big rig again. See you next year but who knows. It might not be rolled out nationally next year. Don't lump me into your sicko food. Perversions you kooks you want deal with nick rib you deal with. Make rib all you want. I'm going to pass. i'm just again very happy for the fact that it gets rolled out nationally. So you guys don't have to pile in your cars and trucks and u-haul vans because i'm sure there are just super groups across facebook right now that you have to answer twenty different administrator questions to get in because you know there's folks like me they're be trying to get in there potshot you. But you're figuring out secret places to meet downloading the app and then driving hours on end head seem to think that that was an okay. I think he called it a pork burger which hey all right with as i told him last week marketed as a pork. Not a rib sandwich. It's a pork burger pressed into a weird shape with crap sauce and onions delivers. That's what you like. get on it. Send me an instagram live. I will play it on this show for every one of you weirdos that eats those amac ribs take your videos. Send them to me. I will play them. Live on the show on tuesday night. Believe it or not. i'll do that. You know the lead question to rodney scott in about three minutes from now is do you get down with the mic rip. You know that's coming. He's in the green room by the way so stand by for that. Let me talk you quickly about the barbecue guru always believing that outdoor cooking should be easy and fun because it can be longest running sponsor of the show the barbecue guru remember earlier in the year. Two new controllers to choose from the nanno q. And the dinah q. the dinah q. of course is taking place of the old Party cue which was the easiest point of entry into automatic temperature control devices the nanno q. Is the one that has the highest level of tech available right now so depending on what you're looking for you want to consider the dinah cue or the non accu- if you are looking for a ceramic cooker they also partner up with the folks that make the monolith that has a built in power fan already in it so if you have a goo- controller just hooked the controller up to the power draft fan and away you go also bunch of other accessories over there on the website so make sure you hit them up. Check mall out. Bbq guru dot com. If you have any questions about what kind of fan you should buy or what kind of control you need or other accessories that might make your grilling life a little bit more efficient column eight hundred two eight g you are you. That's eight hundred two eight eight guru and they will make sure your outfitted with exactly what you need to be efficient right of the box. Eight hundred two eight guru or bbq guru dot com. We are back with rodney scott. Stick around. we'll be right back. You're listening to the number one most loaded barbecue grilling podcast anywhere. The.

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