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So when you melt Tucker, which Georgia losing in your opinion, what's Colorado gaining it and their new head coach. Well, you're losing you know, not only a defensive coordinator. But a guy that that really does a good job of of being able to communicate and relate to to players, you know, players whether going all the way back to like, you said Ohio State when he was just a secondary coach and helping Mark dantonio and trying to help live state of eventually go on and win championships to, you know, the the run that he made in the NFL and the coming back to college and. Helping out at Alabama's zip code defensive coordinator with Kirby and then leaving with Kirby once he got the head job in Athens to go to Georgia and become in the his his his defense coordinator. I think anybody who really follows the coaching ranks knew that Mel Tucker would eventually get his opportunity. And here we go and Colorado at boulder, I loved what he said, there's no reason for for Colorado, not to be competitive team in a championship caliber team that had to be music through the years of CU fans. It's been a long time. I know that couple years ago they were in the conference championship game got undressed by Washington. I think that this program that when I was in high school and college the boy, they could play with anybody in the nation, and they also had a pipeline in Texas and into southern California. And that's what he got to be able to do is. He's got to be able to raise the bar in recruiting. He's an outstanding recruiter. Can't wait to find out who he puts on his staff to help him. But man, he's gotta get into into the L A. A area. And he's got to do the best that he can get into Texas. And and I think you know, you got to the other thing is you gotta make that Colorado brand cool. You got to spend a long time since it's been a cool brand for the eighteen year old kid and Mel will work hard to be able to to try to do that. And I always look at Colorado is potentially a sleeping giant because I think when they win I mean, and you get a kid to come on that campus, and you look around at the foothills of the Rockies, and you look up from that stadium. I mean, it's it's pretty magnificent. And if you can get them there to come check it out, and then they when they're winning. They've got a great home field advantage. So I wish him all the best. And I personally would love to see see you get back to to winning and and and competing to get into that Pac twelve championship every year and cook, I couldn't agree more. I think it's been a long time coming he he's picked his spots head opportunities. Elsewhere. This is the one who decided to finally take Colorado on the a home run hire in milk with. USC by the way, we cliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator coming up next. Let's get an army navy because man, you're about to hear stories of the pressure on a player when it comes to army navy from a a man who served three tours and ghanistan more accolades, and you can imagine it. He didn't care about metals. It's about honor and duty to country a Honda Villanueva left tackle Pro Bowl, left tackle Pittsburgh Steelers coming up in just a moment..

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