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Lot of yards with mccaffrey. Behind the line of scrimmage and the number of passes downfield the warm may and. i'm not saying doesn't take some skill. But mackenzie can you pull up the average after target. Yes donald was eight point one which was eighteen. Th out of the twenty nine quarterbacks okay. that's not horrible. that's not horrible. But you know what's interesting is that completions or is that on attempts their yards per when we let's do this we're going to dig in and see if we look at just the completions where his average was. 'cause i tell you this. Aj you could throw the ball four years out of balance right. Yes okay be sure to catch. Live editions of straight outta vegas weekdays at six. Pm eastern three pm pacific. He's by karma. I'm dan fire and we have a brand new fantasy. Football podcast called. I want your flex twice a week. Every tuesday and friday we come up with new episodes tobacco. Only look back at. 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And it'll be the raiders playing host to the baltimore ravens coming up less than two hours from now and right now on pregame.com it is baltimore. A three and a half point favorite. Aj hoffman college football aficionado. He's pretty darn good in the nfl to. He's got a best bet on the game. Aj go. i'm gonna go with the under in the game tonight under fifty and a half. I think when you look at the ravens the pile up of these injuries at running back for a team that runs the football significantly more than anybody else in the league has got to take a toll at some point and we've talked a lot all off season about the raiders. The big sweeping changes on the offensive line. And i don't think that these offensive line moves are going to be helpful to them. So i think that you when you've got teams with massive transitions in their offense. I think you're going to see a low scoring game. So i like under fifty and a half in monday night. Football tonight okay. So the raiders transition on the offensive. Line the ravens due to the injuries. Yes now who's going to be the main running back tonight for the ravens. It looks it. Looks like and i honestly don't know i don't know if they if they have announced today who it's going to be but i think that it's tie sean. Jones is going to be. The the guy on williams williams. Yeah is going to be the number one back tonight. And he was started the season as number three or four on the depth chart. Here's what i would say. I listen ladas. sharp people. Like the raiders. Here lines droppin. I like the ravens. I'm not gonna make an official pick. Because i'm just too many people here. And why do that right. You don't have to play. Remember the book. He gives you a lot of advantages. He gets his mind. It's one ten and that is tough. Dover com tough tough tough but you gotta take advantage of the advantage you got and one of them is. You don't have to play every game. It doesn't matter if it's on monday night you can play props. Whatever i tend to like the onder. I'm probably not going to bat. If i did was repeats by certainly like it. More than the over. I agree with you. Here's my concern. As long as the running back knows the plays. 'cause what you've seen in the past is a team will lose a couple running backs late in the year steelers. Had this happened once. They went in the playoffs. They got a guy off the street. And you can't teach them the playbook in a week but if this guy was on the ravens i if the bag it's gonna get to carries was on the ravens stat or team. He knows the playbook what lot easter string bags are almost as good as the first drink. I mean there is a plethora of running backs out there. So i'm not saying i don't like it but i'm saying i think that's the reason i also liked the ravens a little bit. Is i think that running back stuff is oversold and you know what we don't know what kind of home field that the raiders are going to have last year. The wasn't fans how how many of them are going to be rate as fans and how many are going to be the other teams fans because if there's any time to make a trip to zero game is in here so to vegas one last thought and we'll get jonas's dots. Is lamar jackson over under rushing yards seventy four and a half because you do have a sense of what his average was last year. Yeah right under seventy so. There's been a five yard adjustment words. I liked the over. I'm gonna make a pizza batt on the over if they are. They're going to run the ball just as much. Probably lamar holds the ball. More often is what. I'm thinking and he liked to have a big showing on monday night. Football jones we think about the game. That was gonna be my question to you guys do you. Look at lamar jackson's over under rushing yards. He was their leading rusher last year by a couple of hundred yards so even though they lost the running backs they did. He's still the guy they depend on to get yards in the backfield when it when it comes to using his legs and i wondered where that was set last time on monday night. Football for lamar. He was in the bathroom for.

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