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Uh they've been so many other talented runningbacks who have gone outside of the first round i i saw that that dave gettleman hired mike shula whose as offensive coordinator and carolina now i also understand that when caroline had the best running game and football they had two good running backs that were not first round picks and their quarterback is a great running back as a quarterback as well so it's a completely different construction mi crazy to look into it where you get mike shula and assure miseries already said allies going to be my quarterback does does it make sense for them to say let's get a running back we got one of the best if not the best wide receiver and football when healthy we still gets a miles out of ally do you think that hiring mike shula is a sign they might go running back and so i am but i think that the dates you're having with the new york giants what did you wanna do are you build a team for the shortterm or the longterm because there's a way we can look at the position say look we've never gonna pick up your yeah you can get out franchise quarterback for the future right now in a josh lows in the sam donald whoever you deem to be that guy at two but then there's another school of thought that is more if we got you lie and we've seen alive tickets to the promise laugh why not give sale one more by the apple allah john elway give them a big time running back and sick want barking lingo deal beckham junior back evan ground then you have so shepherds he have the opportunity to really make this off and dynamic and everything gets you walk and that evaluation also hinges on what this summer think about the swift and the wrong davis levels a third round pick from a year ago does he see him as a player there could be the quarterback based on the success it here with case kenyan campbell ask them to some of those other guys.

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