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Just give us a call z six one seven two three seven one two three four guide their much according to court to arguments glass sheet uh so the of wildcat sprained i'm between different locations does appointments and shoop family court between february of two thousand thirteen and september of 2014 so it they don't have a dentist in the prison they actually take you to a dentist i guess that's kind of bizarro thank like a local family dentists like there's a kid while the white his son and daughter like year for a nice locally and there's just a federal prisoners apparently walk the walk in the kids and there's nothing to be afraid of everybody goes he's a person like you and me eight on their while all right so in essence this guy raped and then pimped out these prisoners per himself and friends of his or people that work on them as a creep weird if i don't have an issue with that if it was the right prisoners i guess not why you send certain people to prison you just want him to like at like the boston marathon bomber yes art of you almost would love to have them go to prison being jan pop yes that horrific thing yet so it's like the right prisoner i guess it depends like what their crimes were exactly and i mean even then i guess shouldn't happen but you know i mean well not by the cop or actually about this don't get caught known i mean if you don't get caught i have no issue with ifp leader to meet the right prison area now you're right of slightly okay with that punishment yeah because with i could never say the boston bomber's name that's why calm the boston bomber starting now what is it joe car sinai joke or jersey are not yet that's probably had always diet probably not shut up probably not the way it's pronounce in his country but that's.

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