Terrance Williams, Rick Pitino, Brian Bowen discussed on The Woj Pod - ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Bobby Marks


Really didn't lineup to on the person of terrance williams and and that's why i'm talking with teams or dejan talking general at y you get more good information from people who are not your head coach so that whenever i hear about rick pitino i always think back to up to drafting terrance williams he didn't send you his lie detector report on comes airtrek now that was not part of it well here's the thing with patino and like on any level if you want to accept that he didn't know somehow he didn't know about that they were resigning up hookers in his practice facility with recruits coming in by the lowest level assistant who is bankrolling this by himself okay you want to believe that you know he told the story of brian bowen this recruit just magically they got a call and a top ten player in the country wanted to play form i've never had a recruiting situation like this and as we know that doesn't exist that doesn't happen like that there's very lucky woge he said this very clearly he got very lucky at the last camerer i remember tim floyd tell him that story about o j mayo that one day the number one high school player in the country in west virginia picked up the phone and call the coach euasean said i wanna put you scn them happen and i want to add bastion of of great history ueda lifelock and people i remember it was at a nca tournament like off day and i remember floyd and and people are furiously scribbling down notes on this and i'm looking around gone are you kidding me like.

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