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Confirmed Friday, with states across the country setting new marks. Johns Hopkins University tally now shows more than 280,000 people have died in the U. S. Since the virus first hit The surge is threatening to overwhelm hospitals in California. In response five San Francisco Bay Area County said stay at home order is taking effect Sunday, and the San Joaquin Valley, which includes 12 counties in the city of Fresno, has been placed under a sweeping new lockdown. In Boise, Idaho, soldiers have been triaging patients in the parking lot of an urgent care clinic that's been transformed into a facility for Corona virus patients. Health officials say. Ah knows attempt to hold the virus in check. It's failing. Meanwhile, Arizona health officials are telling people to wear masks around anyone who isn't a member of your household. Even those you know when trust In other news, a powerful windy storm is hitting the Northeast. Michael Clare is with the National Weather Service. The state of Maine is expecting about 12 to 18 inches as word. President Trump Press Georgia's governor, Brian Camp, in a phone call on Saturday to call a special session of the state legislature in hopes of overturning the presidential election results in Georgia. Senior government official in Georgia, with knowledge of the calls says, Can't refused. A person close to the White House who was briefed on the matter verified that account of the call Japan Space Agency is chairing the return to earth of a capsule caring samples of an asteroid scientists say they could provide clues to the origin of the solar system in life on our planet. I'm Ben Thomas. AP News. Trump spoke by phone with Georgia's governor to press his complaint that he lost Georgia unfairly despite findings there was no systemic fraud. A senior government official in Georgia with knowledge of the call says. Trump asked Governor Brian Camp to call on legislative session to subvert the results of the election. But the governor declined camp tweeted that Trump also asked him to order an audit of signatures on absentee ballot envelopes. The step camp has no power to take. In his own tweet. Trump vented his frustrations writing your people are refusing to do what you ask. What are they hiding? Amplifying his own debunked theories of electoral fraud. Ben Thomas Washington. The measures bar all on site, restaurant, dining in clothes, hair and nail salons, movie theaters and many other businesses as well as museums and playgrounds. Governor Gavin Newsom says people may not congregate with anyone outside their household must always wear masks when they go outside. The California Department of Public Health says intensive care unit capacity has fallen below a 15% threshold in Southern California and a large swath the Central Valley that triggers new measures, which includes strict closures for businesses and new controls on other activities. They will take effect Sunday evening and remain in place for it least three weeks, meaning the lockdown will cover the Christmas holiday. Together. The two regions are home to more than half of California's population. Some regions have opted to impose the restrictions even before the mandate kicks in, including five San Francisco Bay Area counties. Whether measures also take effect Sunday. I'm Ben Thomas. When.

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