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So here's the deal. If looking at this thing right now, no one is going to want to steal an organ after all those can't be properly cooked in the break room microwave. The bag is foam insulated to keep your kidney or sandwich, cold. It's great for anyone who doesn't work at a hospital. And it is it's basically, it's twenty bucks. You can get it on Amazon, it's twenty bucks. And it just says EMT it's got an EMT logo on it. That's attached to the handle. And it says human organs for transplant on the outside. So that you will discourage anybody from from trying to steal it. Because that's that's something. You don't want to eat. I'm going to say, yes. Says Melwood by that. Oh, I thought I thought. Good one. We totally. Yeah. Human organs for transplant. You should see this thing. I think it would sounds good. Yeah. I know about this a cruiser months crime scene sandwich bags. This is a set of ten plastic Baggies. That comes with either police tape or quarantine banners? If they don't succeed. It's wording thieves. You have to close off the kitchen at with a real crime scene tape and dust for prints. So it comes. So it comes at a crime scene in quarantine. And yeah. Those are available at Amazon for five bucks for the for the bags. That's not bad. No. It's not bad. And they're shipping. There's two different kinds. There's you got your quarantine, and you have your crime scene. So whichever whichever you want to go for to keep people discouraged from stealing your food..

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