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Contessa ever apologize to you for calling her husband a bitch you know she did actually she apologized and she actually gave me evil eye necklace award she hasn't been around which is all i tall wants to know simone if dr simone doesn't believe mariah's done drugs why does she not speak up on mariah's behalf i was late speaking up and i was wrong for being late because i don't believe that she does drugs i don't believe she previously did drugs right i just believe that was being vindictive angry toy you wrote a children's book i did you have that is for me and my boys actually has looked hugiene you'll love it it's a little there's a looked as a little condom in here no callback i will read it absolutely i will thank you very much it is time for my muzzle of the day it goes to joe judy who was released from ice custody on friday and he flew to rome where he will continue to appeal his deportation decision and in new photos posted a social media it looks like joe has lost a ton of weight you were on imprison but when you get a chance can you me some of the ingredients of your meal plan get it little tonight's jock logos to sue perkins former great british back off host for admitting that she doesn't like cake liking cake is your job lady that would be like me saying i don't like wig falls into eli dr simone saying she doesn't like virginia's this may be the most controversial moment in cake history well the second.

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