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East South Street Reich's Ford road work causing a delay in acting gig on two ten north near Barry road Maryland to twenty eight single file left getting by fifty at the bay bridge wind warnings once again in effect but no vehicle restrictions the works out in the district causing slowdowns DC to ninety five north bound after Burroughs Avenue toward eastern Avenue single file right getting by Jack Taylor WTOP traffic when the weather is going to be with us for the rest of today it'll still be breezy again for tomorrow and Sunday but with changeable wind directions today it was a northwest wind will gust between forty and fifty miles per hour at times wind advisory until six o'clock and Chile today's I only fifty three there's a freeze watch tonight for Loudon county northern Montgomery County and areas north and west of there towards the Shenandoah Blue Ridge northern Maryland and the mountains of West Virginia tomorrow morning temperatures in the thirties tomorrow afternoon still breezy northwest winds ten to twenty miles per hour highs near sixty plenty of Saturday sunshine breezy again on Sunday but it's a south wind so temperatures will be back in the seventies and there's a chance for strong to severe storms late Sunday night into early Monday morning Monday back near eighty degrees I'm storm team four meteorologist Chuck bell for WTOP right now forty three degrees in Glenmont forty four in Centerville and forty six degrees in northwest nine forty one on this Good Friday Catholics have been invited into Notre dom cathedral in Paris for the first time since the fire ravaged that church a year ago but this was no ordinary service.

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