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And then we ended up in Salt Lake City. Okay, That's a big that's a big Yeah. Thanks with major. Do your in Portland. Oh, yeah. By tomorrow, you're gonna be in Seoul. So find a way to get way went to Salt Lake City, and it was five of us had a Cadillac put in a doghouse trailer, I think wouldn't trailer just like a doghouse and had all the gear in it and the five of us would drive. And so we get to. Ah, wait up left Portland, and we went to what I say. I'm Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, So we played two Blackhawk club there and we became a hit there. We're gonna take a short pause and listen. That was just the beginning. He became a hit in Salt Lake City. But It was non stop. After that. It was an interesting journey, which will continue with my special guest. Sunny Charles from Celebrity Table 30 the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro. It's breaking bread with Bono will be right back. Return to Las Vegas had the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro just a mobile in Las Vegas. It's the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro, where celebrities and locals gather. Open, 24 7 It's true Vegas baby since 1949 from Celebrity Table 30 at the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro days he's breaking bread. With photo here again is two days. Special guests. I have Dennis Bono and welcome back to breaking bread with Bono. My special guest, the legendary Sonny Charles. And we're talking about checkmate and ended up in Salt Lake City. We're hit. We're hit in Salt Lake City and and guitarist. What kind of stuff are you doing? This was now it's gonna be sixties. Well, We We hit way will work in their and our guitarist girlfriend dead was a lawyer. Okay? And he worked out of Vegas. He did about her stuff, So she went to him. Did you got to give him a break? You've got to help him. Get a break. You got to help him get a break, So he got us an audition. To Thunderbird. So we came there Now. Wait. Having here was this. This was 63. OK, so so we come there and all we had was We went to the bartender said You got decent clothes, he said. Here's part in this book. You can get some of this stuff and make a uniform out of it. So.

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