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What is the kind of semi serious semi funny today between this account we do lame flam artist that miles a minute profiles in today's New Mexico great story this is right out of some kind of like Cohen brothers movie you know either buster Scruggs or oh brother where art Dr Klaus he's such a cliche I mean that's kind of funny serious the other one is kind of funny series is the president saying that houses of worship are essential in through them how would he know how in the hell would he now use your magic I guess of a brothel might be or you know you could construe some kind of and have a good handle on shower nine Republican Party and you make use your magic that's funny to open up and the Republican Party taking that out I'm not you know not gonna have a good time at the bottom of the hour Republican Party New Mexico taking that up and say whether governor needs to open up these essential businesses these houses of worship and I think to them it's more I shouldn't I should not question people's faith does not mean but is it is it really about saving souls which you can do according to my reading of the Bible anywhere does not have to be in the four walls of a church or synagogue or a mosque a leader or is it more about passing a plane I think it's more about passing the plate but that's just me get color joins us now from the force George gill gave sorry for the lead in get a little carried over to what's going on man not much you know Daddy has getting ready for Memorial Day weekend you know we we're we got our work cut out for us this season everyone's really eager to get outside and and we are to have him yeah and so one of the things that we do at the guild is you know we work on wildfire prevention a lot of forestry issues down here in the southwest are very directly involved with you know wild fire and fire management so right so what do we need to know what we need to know when we go out this week into the state for the National Forest right now I mean whenever you go out and read create it's always a good idea to make sure you check fire restrictions you know with the twenty twenty fire season right now and everything being what where it's at least you know Dow breaking everything it's a really good idea to check fire sticks in it most of the land jurisdictions around Jennifer A. and and across New Mexico have type two wild fire restrictions which prohibit the use of campfires and force I know we all have our support and everything that you know this year you know it's in it's in so far as you know we're all in this together it's probably better to to not have the campfire this time but we can still we can still all get out and enjoy the word than we could ever do that I'm gonna be out there and definitely give give a break from being in the house but yeah I just you know making sure that we support our first responders and take good care by following the restrictions because they're going to help you know prevent wildfire and potentially save lives so absolutely so no campfires even in a in a fire ring if you're out in the forest that's I mean the type to restrictions I think it's even in the campfire rings okay my recommendation is just you know Mr Coleman's out before you go you can use almost all over blue at or whatever you want yeah course you can always have your stove did that with propane so you can do your cooking and and and and making some Yummy food out there but as far as open fires you know there's just so many people out there and and and we want to make sure that that we don't have any escape fires anything like that and so yeah I have my best advice is just you know know before you go make sure there's a fire restrictions hotline that you can call if you have any questions about where you're going for the weekend do you know that are the op ed yeah yeah I I got the number here the number is one eight seven seven eight six four six nine eight five okay before you go know before you got also just look at fire restrictions dot U. S. slash and them and that'll be also an opportunity to check the restrictions yet know before you go and and you know just we're all in this together and and and looking out for our first responders this season so absolutely let's not burned down in Mexico Memorial Day weekend we got all summer to go who's got a whole summer together exactly what is it what is the force you out what is the four Stuart gill what do you do you know we're a nationwide nonprofit that focuses on you know promoting forestry that's informed by economic social and ecological best practices and so we you know we focus on what's best for the woods but also you know we we take in to account you know human communities and how what we're doing in the woods influences you know the economies of local communities so we have kind of a job training and workforce development component you know we really like to look out for people working in the woods because that's an important industry I'm in a lot of places and especially here in New Mexico we got a lot of folks that that make their living working in the woods and it's very important source of income for them so we're you know we we keep that in mind in a lot of our in our work here like I said a lot of the work in the southwest focuses around fire management because we are in a fire prone forest area so we do a lot of we do a lot of prescribed fire preventative burning kind of getting out there and and and standing out in the forest so that when conditions do get really hot dry we don't get some of those super high severity fires yeah exactly we don't need a campfire like that in California are there any prescribed burns right now scheduled that's the thing is this year with the way that the outbreak you know was unfolding during the spring we were able there wasn't there wasn't any possibility to do prescribed fire that so so that's part of that the situation that years you know that we weren't able to get out and do some of that preventative burning and there's a lot of really good reasons for that I mean it is hard to smoke it from scratch fires no joke I mean with a respiratory you know the way that cove it affects people's respiratory systems we want to make sure that we're being respectful of that film I know before you go once again the do you have that that eight hundred that eight seven seven number people call about fire restrictions yeah that number is one eight seven seven eight six four six nine eight five and you can always just look up fire restrictions hotline okay and that'll get you to the right place to check out and just want to thank everyone and it hope everyone had a great weekend out there so watch your hands where mass good.

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