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Once again by the John Marshall forces of course of course of course in nineteen eighty six evangelist Jim Brown says the theme song from a TV show Mr chains like satanic messages which was of course of course of course and so was Mr ran a horse don't know about any satanic message but I soundtrack could sell for two hundred fifty dollars find the value for any records that money music of course of course and this will talk to his voice is hoarse you never heard of a talking horse yeah this thread will will be talking to to Mister John Marshall mighty John not a forthcoming boneheaded show is always fun to talk to and you can learn about the value of those old vital records you've got stored away one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six Bible five four six two six services Ted who calls in from Jamestown New York on the Bohannon show good evening Ted HM hi I should've called in earlier but got kind of busy I would lead now thank you just wondering your double jeopardy hello she said that she yeah a charge is made and as you say it probably wouldn't pass what yes No Way Out for new evidence came to light can they still make the same charge will if a charge is made first well and and and someone is put on trial jeopardy attach is and I don't believe that as long as it's the same charge like Joe blow committed murder in the state of Tennessee just to make something up here if that person is tried and the not convicted that is to say quitted jeopardy has attached to it I don't believe there's enough new evidence out there that could re open that case a jeopardy has attached now than let's say that somebody committed murder the state of Tennessee but it violated a federal law against murder there are some now with the John Kennedy was murdered the only cried committed was a Texas state law against the shooting somebody that anybody but but in that case let's say there was new evidence and it it did violate a federal law then you could bring charges under the federal law which would not be considered double jeopardy okay I was just checking because if the impeachment doesn't pass which as you say it probably what yeah well I already I don't want to repeat myself it would it wouldn't be tried as I see it or what day one of the Z. that's died of the double jeopardy applies in the case of impeachment which is not a court room activity and the only punishment of course under impeachment is removal from office so I don't believe the dubber double jeopardy would apply it in any way shape or form to the impeachment process which is technically not a judicial process yeah that's one question I don't because I don't know yeah my just wondered we ought to search directly Kerry out well yeah it is certainly a worthwhile question which unfortunately we may be in a position to to determine one of these days but no jeopardy and again I I'm I'm not an attorney but but the jeopardy replies to a specific criminal charge and technically speaking impeachment is not a criminal charge impeachment is a specific charge of they can be brought to bear under the rules of the constitution but it is not in the court room even though it does wind up with the trial before the U. S. Senate and so I'm pretty sure the jeopardy does not attach at all so you could for example you could bring up but let's say a charge that president of trump dipped his granola and coffee whatever okay I just of that I would make something up there and and he was acquitted of that I suppose there's nothing that would keep another house or the same aus from from voting that same charge another time no matter what the the set of the outcome of the Senate trial double jeopardy is a courtroom process in a replies to to court procedures that does not apply to the process of impeachment which is a very a special form if you will of well rendering of justice I suppose for want of a better term okay saw one of the note Jim thank you very much you're quite welcome one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six our number and we'll see what happens I am given odds myself on the beach but I felt that before Robert the molars testimony before Congress recently that the odds of an impeachment resolution passing the house was about eighty percent the the the the love pressure would be brought to bear the the that's the policy might be forced to go down a path you would just as soon ignore I filled after Muller's testimony that the likelihood of such a resolution passing dropped to about forty percent just by virtue of the fact that he did not come through with what Democrats were looking for which is to say really solid backing for the notion of the impeachment about of course the conviction in the Senate of stays just where it was before a mother testified zero percent before you testified at zero percent after he testified it's just a it's just not going to happen but again keep in mind so the gals let's assume that job the Democrats so this is not a probably a likely scenario but but it could happen let's assume that the Democrats in the twenty twenty election cycle keep the house and they take the Senate and there are a lot of Republican seats to be defended in twenty twenty so that could happen but that president trump is reelected so you would still have trouble in office but you would now have under my make believe scenario you would have a house and the Senate both of the hands of Democrats it wouldn't surprise me at all to see an impeachment wrote resolution pass and a Senate depending on how democratic it became voting to convict that could happen and again it could happen on the same grounds let's say that and earlier impeachment resolution by the failed on there's no double jeopardy in the impeachment process for what it's worth one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six and we'll be back in just a moment at farmers insurance we know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less.

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