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I want to be left alone. I want to eat steak smoke cigars and have sex with my wife. That's what I wanna do. And sometimes I'm full from the stake. That's a great line. Are you don't know anything your child? I want to be left alone to do the things I wanna do. And so do you ISIS does not allow that to happen, and ISIS is hell bent on the destruction of you. And the ones you love. So it does not come easy to say things like if they're hiding in the school. We have to ask ourselves what our plan is Tony were above that. Tell me above what I need to deal with the problem. A problem that is coming from me. And we just been proven begin another way. I'll try it. I don't think it involves the US troops being in serious. I have no problem with them being polled. But I do not believe. That we cannot allow them to in any way metastasis. Will there be some collateral damage? Yes. But it doesn't mean that I think that we should be willy nilly, and without a lot of questioning and a lot of conversation about doing these things as opposed to Senator Kevin Parker who doesn't like the fact that somebody noticed that is gaming the system for free parking. So he says kill yourself. Here's apologized. Any rights license in to her? I sincerely apologize. I used a poor choice of words suicide is a serious thing. And should not be made light of first things. First. This is not an apology. It was not a poor choice of words. You didn't like that a Republican noticed that you were subverting the system that you're using your power for your own gain. That's what you didn't like that. Someone called you out. So instead of saying f you which is what you wanted to say you said kill yourself. It wasn't a poor choice of words. It was the words you chose to use. After some other words, you thought wouldn't be acceptable. Now suicide is a serious thing. And no, no one should ever make light of it of of. Of course, not..

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