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You by supreme lending. Cover and bass drop or bank Tito's handmade vodka and Sue Patrick pop before we get to our picks. I wantto want to bring up a very intriguing game this week. One of the noon Kickoffs. It is the Buffalo Bills in the Seattle Seahawks in Buffalo. I bring this up because We like to joke that Buffalo is our adopted team with the Austin ties of Boston legend Mitch Morris's starting center, who unfortunately will be out this week under the concussion protocol, But this is a big matchup for both both teams here. The Buffalo Bills are really they're having a charge right now down the In the NFC against me in the Seattle Seahawks. Obviously, you know they have one loss in the record that is to the air zone of cardinals, which which could have really gone both ways. But this should be a fantastic match ups on both sides. I love Russell Wilson, but You realize how long Seattle had to travel to 1005 182, Miles 2583 Miles. This is the longest road trip of the year for Seattle. That's why I kind of like the Buffalo bills. But Under any most circumstances. When the Seattle Seahawks go to Buffalo in this time of the year, they're going to see snow cold sleet, a lot of fans, a lot of beer being thrown out of the hot dogs and not shows and and chicken wings being tossed in the tunnels. But It's a tame audience this year. It's not, as many fans matter fact there, no fans. It's going to be 70 and Sonny. I don't see any reason why the Seattle Seahawks should not control this game from start to finish. Well, I'm gonna pick me. I'm gonna pick Buffalo because of Josh Allen. It's gonna be one of my three picks. I like Buffalo because everybody and their dog is picking Seattle and Buffalo gets points at home, so I know it's not going on a limb here, but I'm taking the Buffalo Bills. That's my first pick on the supreme lending. That's your first pick. That's my friend. You're going to start to more that time has started baby. Scotty, You got a picture? Yeah, I got a perfect I'm taking Kansas City against Carolina. Given 10 points at home to that seem like very many points. I know Christian McCaffrey is going to be back. For Carolina, but godly Patrick Mahomes still place for Kansas City. That me? Yeah, I don't think Caroline is very good. I don't think they are either. Carol. My first He's going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. The line has gone up. By the way, Gentlemen, it is now. 14.5 0 man, I'm going to take that I'm going to hammer it. And I'm probably parlay that with every other favorite this week because I Do not see a a shot in Holy Heck, the Cowboys can win this game or covered spread down eight this year against a spread. They're not. They're not going to turn to one inmate. It's going to be 09 after this one. I just wish that Roger Stop back was playing for the Cowboys are friend Thomas Hollywood. Anderson won't guarantee seventies Drew Pearce and that now that was a team young man that was a team Hollywood Hollywood. Henderson was great for that. We need to get Hollywood back on a recurring guest. Just hoping for Troy Aikman. We don't have to go back 50 years go back to the mid nineties. Yeah, OK, So you've got Pittsburghers your 1st 1st 1. Okay, I am going. My second pick is going to be The Arizona Cardinals minus 4.5 against two in Miami, in which I think is going to be exciting game the two future quarterbacks of the S O to attack of our game of the future game of the future. I just like Arizona because Cliff Kingsbury is surprising the heck out of me the way he's coaching this team. I think Arizona is on upper toy trend. Miami's one lazy when he has the playmakers that he does Talyn, Murray and DeAndre Ha Yes, it's It's not too difficult, and you also have the leader of leaders in Larry Fitzgerald. So that's why I like Ah, The Cardinals win the Arizona Cardinals given four points. That's my second lock of the week. I think that's a good one. I'd love to be in Las Vegas this week. There's five or six games that I think you're really, really easy picks. My second pick Baltimore Ravens minus Wanted Indianapolis. I agree with that. I agree that I don't see why there's only one point favorite. I I like the way Baltimore's defense is playing. They got Lamar Jackson. Why I know because the Ravens are going to be flat after their lost of Pittsburgh. Late revenge in Indianapolis is on an upward trajectory after their win last week. I don't like that. That's all I'm saying. I don't like that pick my second pick is going to be the Buccaneers minus 4.5 against the Saints. Drew Brees has an end a shoulder injury. We don't know where he's at percentage wise, and I think the Saints or not to see the Buccaneers have been rejuvenated with the addition of Antonio Brown. They have so many weapons and that receiving corps that You can't cover mall. There's gotta be at least one receiver open at all times and Tom Brady will be able to pick you apart when he has the upper hand. Okay. Third pick of the week. For me. This is a gutsy deal. I'm I going to do this? Yes, I'm going to do this. My third lock of the week, Ben. And Scottie. They're giving seven points. They're playing on the road in Jacksonville, Florida I shall take the Houston Texans to defeat Jacksonville and I'll lay that seven points. Shawn Watson and J. J. Watt. The crew have had the week off gross game. It's a gross game, but it's a winning game. If you want to make money, it's a winning game because Houston has had the week off their trajectory is in the right direction. I like the Houston Texans, giving the seven points against Jackson them. Well, good luck with that one on, boy. I'm tempted to go against you been. I just think Drew Brees is so kg he might find a way to do it. But Instead, I'm going to take the Minnesota Vikings cover against Detroit. Yeah, Detroit Boy. They've had the Koven 19. I'm not sure if Matthew Stafford is going to play because he was in protocol, Minnesota one last weekend over the Green Bay Packers. That's a pretty good pick. Been your last pick my last fixing the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans are taking on the Bills. Tennessee Times. Aeryn minus six in that point favorite I don't like the way the Bears are playing. I Since Nick Foles took over starting position they have looked They've looked a little weak in time. Yeah, and that titans are there rolling right now. Obviously, they've got Derrick Henry, one of the most explosive running backs in the NFL. And when you have him back there, I mean, Ryan Tannehill is playing really well right now the former Texas fight Nagy. And I think the spread should have been around nine a half or 10 points. But I really liked attending Tennessee Titans Street. There's some good teams in the NFL. I still take my ranking. I still have. Kansas City is the best team in pro football. I think Pittsburgh is very, very good. I like Seattle. They're very, very good as well. So all good teams now update on this Clemson Notre Dame game, Notre Dame is lined up for a short field goal with 609 to play in the first quarter in South Bend..

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