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Right giants fans were back here on the Valentine's views podcast. Ed Valentine Talking With Patricia Traina about the very very impressive introductory press conference held for Joe Judge on Thursday. Patty one of the things that I really WanNa get into is a little bit of the judge philosophy in a little bit about how I was sort of amazed in in the way that it all worked out in how this dovetails with the way the Dave Gettleman sees the football world. I wrote about about that this morning at at big blue view how Gilman's going to be sixty nine years old in a month you know. He's considered a dinosaur by a lot of people around on the NFL. And yet here you have this thirty eight year old first time interviewee for an NFL head coaching job. He'll be the only head coach in NFL. Starting the two thousand twenty season who has never coached a game as the head head coach at the college or NFL level. And yet these two guys in some ways philosophically seem like clones and it just kind of it just kind of made me chuckle in you know in the long run. I think it's a really good thing. Yeah I think it is too. When you have polar opposites and again we saw that in the latter stages of the Tom Coughlin the era? You're not GonNa get much done when you're going to have strife it's GONNA carry down to the locker room and I it. Just it's not a good setup so I was Kinda glad to see that you get a million people are going to going to say what they want about gettleman and think what they want and they're certainly entitled but you know get them in is. I don't think assistance justice big ogre that some people make him out to be and I'm not just saying that you know and I know people are GonNa say. Oh there goes to Schill No. I'm not saying that I'm giving you my honest list opinion. I'm not saying get omens perfect but I don't think he suspect Ogre I think legitimately and deep down inside. He wants to win because look it's his legacy see if he puts together you know bad football program and doesn't get destroyed doubt he. It's going to go on his name so to work and be cooperative hip and collaborative with the head. Coach is important and I think it's nice. That gettleman who if you remember a couple years ago said well look at my resume resume. He was referencing taking the the panthers that went to the Super Bowl. He's humbled himself and that to me was a step in the right direction. You know it's interesting that you mentioned that Patty because there was one point yesterday when cattleman was speaking to reporters where we're I know that the the off the cuff. The the the sort of jovial friendly gettleman was ready. He to make sort of a throwaway joke and I think a year ago he probably would have done that and I don't know exactly what he would have said but he stopped himself off. Any said I'm not going to give you that throwaway one line. Yeah and that to me was an indication that that it is a little bit different that you know that he has an there were a couple of times but when I thought he was a little different in his approach with the media media that for me was the biggest one. Yeah I agree I think you know. Look he's been burned a few times. He gettleman has always spin and I go back to when he was you know working under reese Or actually under a Coursey. I'm sorry and I remember him. Being Jovial with the throwaway lines and and you know the familiar language and you know some people take it. You know they get offended by hi it. I never did 'cause that's that was his personality. I never had a problem with it and I just think that after getting torched way he has been in the media gettleman is is now being a little bit more cautious in what he says. And you know y y give people something to roast them about. You know I get it I get edit look he got roast once before you know. He had to eat a a nice helping of crow because people through stuff back in his face and you know e e can't have an ego you go in this job and I think that was one of the mistakes gettleman had is that he boasted about his resume and why he was the right man for for the job and so on and so forth and this is you know it's a fundamental fundamental mistake that get them and made it's a what have you done for me lately. Business winning a super bowl or getting to a super bowl two or three years ago means nothing. If the T. me we're putting together today. Only has one four games the season and I think he learned that lesson. I do to Patty. I think we heard that from him yesterday. And you know when you think about going forward forward and building this giants roster you know. I don't think we're going to see this sort of tear down that we saw the first two years with with Pat Shurmur. I think we're going to see something. That's a little more. Let's pick up where we are in and try to go forward. Try to supplement one of the things that it was really as we talk about philosophies meshing and all of that one of the things that was interesting is how both gentlemen and judge talked walked about personnel. How they both talked about not pigeonholing players in not looking at a guy as he's a blocking tight end Dan or he's a cornerback? or He's whatever they both talked about looking at a player as a whole. What is his skill set? What are his physical physical attributes? What how smart is he? What can he do you know? What variety of things can he do? That can help a football all team. So you know I was really encouraged by that Just by the fact that they seem to see personnel the same way I mean. I don't know what kind kind of players or who they'll bring in here in the draft but as we talk about them meshing philosophies. Is that another thing that you picked up on yesterday as well. Oh absolutely again. It's it's all about when you're building a team you have to have people on the same page now. You'RE GONNA have differences of opinions opinions. Absolutely I mean that's what makes the world go round but you don't want it to get to a point where people are now fighting with one another and I think that's that's what they were kind of looking to avoid and I just you kind of get the impression and again it's early. It was technically Joe Judges First Day on the job. So we don't know how things are going to unveil but you got the impression that in the initial meeting stages They hit it off. And that's going to be so important. Moving foward one last thing patty. That really impressed me was judge in talking about assistant coaches in. It's is not necessarily. The teachers versus presenters mark remark. It's the fact that he talked about. Tell me what a player can do. Not what a player can't do and and I'll be honest going all the way back to Tom. Coughlin I always felt like coughlan was was resistant sometimes to using young players. Because of what they couldn't do and I've always thought that that was one of the things that Bill Belichick a chick has done best is taken imperfect players. Figured out what they could do and figured out how to hide what they can't do and and that for me was another really really encouraging thing that I thought I heard judge talk about yesterday. Yeah I agree with that as well as they just I look I mean judge is teacher by trade and if you think about what a good teacher does they develop their students. They encouraged them in the areas in which they are they excel and they minimize what they don't do well and I think back to my own personal experiences growing up I mean I. It was not very good at math Got Better as I went on in my education but in and grammar school I was awful in math but I was really good in English. And righty so. I had a teacher. who basically took that and fostered that an and just kind of encouraged me in that area now as I got older? Obviously I had teachers. So you're saying look it's not that you're bad at math. It's just you had bad teachers in math but you know it's the same principle here you have guys you know. You have a rookies keys. And an older guys who sit there and think that they know what they do best and what. They don't do best. But until they actually have someone believing in them or Developing Ping them sometimes. They learned something about them that they didn't realize was there before. And I think that's what judge and his staff are going to bring out in these players. Well Patty again. Really hopeful day for the giants on Thursday. Just want to let people know that you know I thank thank you for doing my show just a quick note that I did your show as well folks so make sure you check out the Friday edition of locked on giants. It's as well fatty. I know that you're going to continue to churn out content about About the Judge Hiring about the coaching staff and in what might be going and and what might be coming up next anything specific that you will you want to tell people to to look for. Yeah basically I'M GONNA turn my attention to breaking down the roster. I'm going to start looking at free agency. I'm going to start looking at some draft prospects you know normally I in the past. I wouldn't look at the draft until April but you know what I'm starting to scouting academy semester to in the next week as a matter of fact so lot of good stuff I think I'm picking picking up with the tight end evaluation so that's GonNa come in handy and just you know. I'm looking forward to producing content. That follows the model that they teach. You know how sharing that with everybody. Alright Patty thank you very much for spending some time with me today. Giants fans thank you for listening.

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