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From NPR news, I'm Joel Snyder, Russia has stepped up attacks on Ukrainian cities, killing at least 34 people and wounding scores of others over the last three days, and piers Eleanor Beardsley reports Ukrainians say Russia is not waging war, but committing acts of terrorism. I speak to you as sirens go off across the country, said zelensky and his nightly address, the invaders realized we are gradually becoming stronger, he said, and the goal of their terror is to inflict damage and intimidate us overnight Friday several people were killed when Russian missiles hit the central city of nipro, on Thursday, cruise missiles launched from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea hit an office building in vinici, a city of 370,000 people southwest of Kyiv, at least 23 people lost their lives, the Kremlin said it had disrupted a meeting between Ukrainian officials and western arms dealers and made no mention of casualties the attacks are the latest in a series of Russian strikes on crowded buildings in cities far from the front. Eleanor Beardsley NPR news, give. As President Biden wraps up his trip to the Middle East of White House as released intelligence at its shows a Russian officials visited in Iranian airfield at least twice to view weapons capable drones earlier this week the administration accused Iran and preparing to provide Russia several hundred drones for use in the war in Ukraine. Biden is seeking to rally Arab support to counter Iranian influence at a summit meeting in Jeddah. There was a deadly pile up on interstate 90 in Montana, at least 6 people were killed in a crash late yesterday that involved

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