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PGA officials say equipment with bullet holes and damaged power lines were found near where the Butte county fire. The campfire is believed to have started in a letter sent to the California Public utilities commission. PGA officials say an employee observed a fire in the vicinity of one of the companies towers and called nine eleven on November eighth. That's the day the wildfire. Started inspectors later found a broken see hook and a flash Mark at that. Same hour suggesting a power line had broken free and made contact with the tower, then on November ninth another employee found a poll and other equipment on the ground with bullet holes a power pole in concord, also had bullet holes on a utility pole and other equipment the official cause of the blaze has not been determined several fire victims have filed lawsuits though, blaming PG needs equipment and sparking the wildfire. Accused of starting the holy fire, which scorch twenty three thousand acres in orange and riverside counties is pleading not guilty to arson and other related charges forest. Clark facing? Ten years to life in prison. He's due back in court December twentieth for a pretrial hearing. He remains in jail in lieu of a million dollars bail, a federal decision to keep you from being spammed may also keep you from paying more in taxes case, Joe Michaels joins us live in studio to explain Greg. A fifty two page report by the California Public utilities commission. Arguing for a tax on your text messages is likely a moot point that after an FCC vote earlier today that classifies text messages as an information service instead of telecommunication service or today's decision makes it clear that wireless carriers can block spam or other unwanted text. Messages KF became legal analyst Bill porta Nova tells us it's also likely to scuttle the utilities commission effort attacks your texts when there's a conflict between state and federal law, the federal law generally supreme court Nova says the very idea of taxing text messages makes no sense it defies logic to assign attacks to an individual text messaging service, we're able to text through.

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