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Yeah. And this time, we are following people who break the rules in lying. He's part of the business. Opinion, the best revenge against ISIS. This to be humane a mess supposed to pinch. Yeah. Yeah episodes. Every other Wednesday subscribed back now to our conversation with former Defense Secretary ash Carter, his new book is called inside the five side of box. There's an acronym that I learned through prepping for this, which is cricket. C R, I K T, China Russia, Iran, North Korea and terrorism. I imagine that those countries the entities that pose the big threats to us national security, a number of people have articulated on those various players in various ways. Give me a sense of how you would like to see us if you were Defense Secretary today right now, dealing with cricket dealing with these five different kinds of threats. And is there one that you would take care of I sure la- I can I tell you the story of cricket? Yes, it's, it's a great Pentagon story. Well, I used to talk all the time with my senior commanders we would go through our war plans, and our preparations, and I would always say, let's not make this to abstract, let's talk. Let's put the names, the names, here who are the real problem children, China Russia, Iran North Korea and terrorism, and I go through that, that list again, and again, and again, and again, and one time I overheard in the hallway somebody talking about cricket, and then I heard it again, in a meeting somebody talked about cricket. So I turned to one of my assistance, one of these people talking about cricket, and he says, oh, that's your strategy. A said, you know, everybody was repeating it so often that they just turned it into the word cricket. So there there you go just naming the parts becomes a strategy. And in the Pentagon a strategy. Gets an acronym and you ask, what do we do to prepare for all of them? Unfortunately, they're all little bit different. China and Russia are high end. That is more demanding in terms of the level of technology and both involve are nuclear powers. Moreover, so that's important. They both have substantial landmass, and so they have a lot that's in common. But North Korea say is much smaller, and if it were only a matter of conventional war would still be a serious problem, not because it's close to the United States. But because it's close to South Korea were there we would win. We would destroy North Korea's regime in North Korea's military. But because it's in such a densely urban area. The warfare takes place. It is a very grisly war, but then on top of that North Korea's nuclear weapons, so that means you're dealing with a country with a strange government like that. That is just newly come into possession of nuclear weapons. That's a different kind of problem, then you got Ron, which doesn't have nuclear weapons put his right there in the middle. East and does a lot of stuff with proxies and third parties in has blonde so for war Yemen, and that kind of thing. Yeah. And then you got tears, so they're all they're all different. And this is one of the problems that we have the world's leading power is that if you go to a job, I bet you, if you go to a Chinese military briefing, it's all about the Americans. And she go to Russian military briefing. It's all about married to an American military briefing. It's about cricket..

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