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Bay area and they have a big rap to tash tag, California struggles are real. There's a social media aspect to this as well. They're basically saying, you know, it's very expensive to live and work in California, Arizona's cheaper. Well, yes it is. But and they're trying to get obviously to CEO's and tech exacts who are wondering about building more infrastructuring California, when most of their employees can't afford to live within thirty or forty miles of where they work in many cases market overall today a little bit lower. But up for the week and so far, all the averages are up at least four percent for the month of June as we hit the halfway point next week. A fed meeting final numbers today, down seventeen and twenty six thousand eighty nine NASDAQ down forty seventy seven hundred sixty s and p down four gold up one to thirteen forty four. Now it's ten year bond, yield two point eight percent. Thank you. Kelly five twenty three. A central valley man is one of seven American tourists, who have recently died, while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, prompting an investigation by the FBI turlock resident Bob Wallace was staying at the hard rock hotel and casino in Punta Cana for a family wedding in April, when he fell ill after drinking from the mini bar in his room. That's according to a family spokesperson soon after he was hospitalized. The sixty seven year old passed away the US State Department has confirmed now. Three other Americans have died in the Dominican Republic while visiting in the last several months. Now, some are saying foul play may be involved. Mark Hoffman travel expert who is one. Of the host of our Sunday travel show. The travel guys that's on from three to four pm on K says while the recent deaths do seem more like a coincidence. It hasn't caused enough panic from Americans travelling from the east coast to cancel their reservations. Just yet. Big cedar city also for the Dominican to the flight to JFK and the employee theory indicated that they're, they have not received a lot of cancellations, which tells me that people are not fleeing from the island, what that perhaps, folks says air bookings have slowed in the last week to the Dominican Republic that would seem to indicate that people at least on the east coast are taking away and see attitude Hoffmann says the Dominican Republic has historically been a popular travel destination for Americans booking vacations because of the tropical setting with gorgeous beaches and sunny and warm weather. He says about one in six dollars to the economy, come from tourism. So it is incredibly important for the island to maintain that. To come, you know that the thinly tells about the come or that there's some sort of danger there is going to be a serious problem because something like that it, you know, it doesn't go away overnight. So it could it could be a serious. If you Connie, of course, they share the island with Haiti and we all know what's been said recently about that country by our president is in in recent times. So. A whole lot. So, yeah, this is the big thing is a big deal for that the US State Department issued a travel advisory warning for tourists visiting the island back in April, but the warning was due to concerns, a violent crime on the island and did not mention anything about this particular situation of late. Well, NASA has revealed the price tag for its plan to send American astronauts back to the moon by twenty twenty four. The agency will reportedly need between twenty and thirty billion dollars for the moon project, NASA administrator, Jim Bryden Stein says that the overall goal of the artist program is to establish a sustainable presence on the moon paving the way for astronauts to return to the surface.

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