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The winner of arthur concert or feed at clinton gates at espn radio got some decent sweet so far i'll read some later if of step your gave up a right now it's not for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless best phones best network no contracts the nba season has gotten off to a interesting start there's a lotta story lines going on boogie cousins is already getting techs the sandro already getting blown out of the building the minnesota timberwolves have lights on their court were barely even talking about basketball we even have the mention the cleveland cavaliers nor the golden state warriors there's all kinds of fun things happen around the lead from the towns standpoint in a story line stand point one of the biggest obviously biggest things are the injuries that have come come about so far everybody in america saw gordon hayward injury less than ten minutes into the opening game against the cavaliers it was gruesome it was disgusting and it showed that a lot of the players in the nba have a decent amount of class a lot of guys went over to talk to pay were in the locker room teammates in non teammates obviously that was a bad situation but also yesterday the nets jeremy linn she's may have been two days ago he ruptured this patella tendon this season is likely done the nice made that announcement today it was on wednesday excuse me is yesterday fremont green for the warriors mri results negative status is uncertain on his left knee strain he missed the final quarter tuesday's game chris paul is dealing with the situation now if you recall the nba started this season early because they wanted to stretch out games they wanted to prevent some of these back to backs they wanted to prevent people from having to sit do to rest but when you start a seizigner lear i don't know how many more injuries we have to have but what we start to wonder if this move as in fact backfired on the front it because while you start the season earlier that shortens the offseason the normal sort of body clock that allow these guys use to get in shape otto no i'm not a doctor but i know we've seen some ugly injuries and i also know that this peru's if.

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