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Flyway. So that's why they got pissed because he was fit. He's like, that's, that's. That's all he died in here playing Yeah. and And I I was was like, like, no. no, I like this. He also sings leaving plan. He died in airplane, leaving our jet plane onto wow. Pretty. And we'll get into board life at another time. Also, he sings thank God. I'm a country boy. Okay. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, to me know the details of the plane crash. Well, it was a private plane. Okay. He was just he was piloting, I believe, oh, he was. He was a pilot. He was a pilot also a bit of a drunk. He's home the Saucier icon so sweet ways. As we conclude the episode, we can let a John Denver song play. Do you have any or any other song that you would like to have play out? Tammy Wynette. Yeah, Tammy Wynette if I can make till I can make it on my own shirt. Beautiful. I need time to get you off my from that from that movie on Mulan no babysitting Caddyshack to that gay southern movie. Brokeback mountain survives sorted loud. I have to see that living in Johnson Johnson, having her third cancer. Are you serious that? Yeah, I just didn't wanna know it. Let's Jordan's in it and he plays the Tammy Wynette impersonator at incredible. Well, so thank you very much for being on very proud guys. I've been listening since your first episode. Thank you so much, really pulled your shit together. Thank you against all daily struggle. It is. Will the cafeteria helps. Yeah, thank you so much. And also for those of you in hot dog club ready or if not, you can join now and that way you can get a giant swollen episode of listener questions all for miss trinity, man. Drill are fans wrote them's. He know that they're going to be a hot, just ride. Gutted mean.

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