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But again there was a place for gay people could fill loved you know yeah and now one of the reason it was kind of allowed to uh to run to a certain degree was the mafia was paying bribes and given kickbacks to the cops of the six precinct which is where it was so chuck they sort had a deal worked out i'm sorry to interrupt you ma'am but have you seen the documentary the seven five i've seen it twice how amazingly good is that it is one of the best documentaries i've seen in a long time i agree an adam d as man come on yeah that's at guys like a real person i know it's amazing yeah if you're interested at all in bribes in dirty cops in kickbacks in new york city in the in the eighties uh definitely definitely watch that one yep it was amazing the seven five which was the seventy fifth precinct correct yes which it igloo talk at seven five for the i think it's like come jamaica queens maybe yeah i can't remember but a guarantee of they're making a feature film about that at some point shortly it's too good to it's like you can't write anything better so sorry men erupted your children talking about how the six who has taken kickbacks from the owners of the stonewall yes so you know uh they're taking kickbacks so it was allowed to a certain degree because they were getting paid off right in the the place was still get rated apparently got raided fairly frequently but when it got raided the owners would be tipped off it would be raided on mike of a of a weeknight when the place was pretty much dead and a lot of people weren't gonna get hassle than when it was raided um.

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