Brazil, Social Liberal Party, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed on Ray Appleton


Now that sounds like he ate us the Social Liberal Party candidate, right? But you know, the parties throughout the world with their names. And you think oh my God. What they turned out to be exactly the opposite of what you think they may be the names are strange the help parties are named throughout the country throughout the world. And sometimes it means absolutely nothing. I've tell you often every time we run into this subject of how political parties are named when I lived over in England, very briefly. There was a party up in Manchester that actually gained a seat in the lower house, and they were called the let's have a party party. And it was predicated on just having a good time. But they actually were able to put a group together and actually pick up a seat in parliament, the let's have a party party. Why not? So one promise that I told you that Bolsonaro made rang true for some reason really struck a chord with Brazilians was this move of the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And you know, who else did that and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated this claim on Sunday announcing in Brazil that boss narrow told him the embassy move is not a question of if it's just a matter of win as I told you before the break, and it's like call the moving vans. This is going to be a done deal. So he's going to be a fun one to watch. Now, so different, and this is not all that unusual in Brazil because Brazil going to be a little violent. But so different already first day. Sworn in Tuesday. He's already getting death threats from the left. Down there. I want to digress politics for a moment. We do need to talk about the wall Schumer Mitt.

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