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Sms having people involved and under criminal justice supervision for longer than they would've that they had just served whatever the jail sentence was for their crimes so sometimes when we force people into treatment they spend more time in the criminal justice system than they would if they just went to jail and a lot of people including myself have argued that these mandated treatment programmes actually expand you know the car several system that although there not prisons they expanded in new ways and you know we sometimes we try to do good with them like we deliver services to people that we're all we're doing so sort of under the shadow of of the prison an under the shadow of mass incarceration and what one of the things that w test did so well which makes it kind of a really best case scenario of what people would like to see in criminal justice treatment is that it it combined really therapeutic orientation gender sensitive orientation with a lot of social services so you know women could get housing placement and vocational assistance and ged crap things like that so it was kind of like of resource in which were delivering social services to mostly poor people but doing it through the criminal justice system and the women at w tests found that they could get more services there than they could anywhere else in in in any other kind of state program but you know this additional social services you know there are also included in the punitive measures that these singers jozsef a woman and where to receive an infraction of some sort she could also lose access to social services like mental health treatment following her recovery for instance in for example there is a woman that you mentioned in the book who was granted an early release and the councillors agreed with the decision to release her early so as a form of punishment they limited the social services that she'd have access to after treatment yeah that's correct i mean so they could withdraw people social services as a kind of punishment and in general i think this is a really bad way to deliver essential social welfare services to needy people because it basically suresh stretched first it starts to shift all these services into the criminal justice system while we.

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