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Uh had to give me that extra a little bit abuse on but it's still high fat on but yeah so toothy budding nathan blueberries coconut chips heme hearts um and then y'all higher a eat later on in the day like uh my i love all green vegetables so brussels growth broccoli kale those are always good so labor coal when you put a coconut oil and roads them or m e then even just steaming a guy will literally i keep it the ball yeah absolutely and um you know i i think you mentioned something can that i think is important and the carbohydrate levels so ex post exercises probably the best time to have it because you've got the the host excise affect annan's so the the sugar numbers that we're talking about typically on the fifty grams of carbohydrates day abc's can fluctuate little bit with body weight and an also your goals bed the it's reducing it and then ideally those alba hydrates a coming from from vegetables yeah and i think that's a big centered change for a lot of people because you are removing some of the while the principal sources of people foods such as bread pasta right or left side of things they go and so.

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