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The morning another of fellow who was part of a comedy to him uh his birthday today we lost him alleging 74 we're talking about barred the abbot of abbott thought still who first uh photographer that of course we're going to have a probably another argument about what is the move of the magazine vanity fair these are the woman's right as an or is it a pop culture magazine called i maintain it's a pop culture magazine yes there are articles for women but there are other articles that anybody can enjoy a very gender we're talking vanity fair and this lady lover of photographs appear on that magazine wrote her name is any leave lewis i would say she's sixty five seventy almost sixty eight six eight and you elusive of its okay uh october seconds is the anniversary date of this song grew sorry now who recorded at ray who sarinah whose army now i don't know god is it brenda we all concur with debbie no let's not all it's not oh jeez uh who so wasn't i wasn't the great one who died and sixty three what's her name you know the berries decline that's element line yours in her hasic my ethic line no so now wall who one more wow wooden wooden darling loretta wasn't what's a darling loretta wasn't gonna go as she would have done a good job of that sorry would have tammy wynette knelt sorry for i don't know who is a non country art as the donau they'll have we're going to know it if you're well his his your last glue okay she grew up in new jersey okay that does not how arctic were talking connie for chrysler dark and crime lisa who so now she recorded in the nineteen 57 and she hated the song yeah but recorded after an argument with her dead i'm not slurring his how at some times oh you how much of folks appeared the on the debut of a tv show back in the old in black and white days the shows call shindig and sightseeing sixty five and this bunch of people what.

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