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Josh, Clearview, St Rose River discussed on Tommy Tucker, WWL First News


Use movin on at like flies to honey time now take a look at traffic on WWL from the video would you be medical traffic center Josh what else I tend to can or meta reach no problems all the way between the airport and downtown one airline to heading towards city malfunctioning traffic light at Monroe that's right before hi ten what's the matter got an accident on Clearview north bound between airline and west memory that's with injury near king street and St rose River Road is closed both directions at ponderosa ponderosa due to an investigation from an earlier accident this morning that's between the three ten St rose Avenue probably three ten in the west bank left lane road works both ways between highway ninety the loading bridge on the river crossings all clear and all ferries running normally this morning I. ten from the east no problems getting into the city passed the highrise have attracted call W. B. L. five oh four to six info tummy tuck for APS APS been keeping you safe for decades now continue to during these different times to say the least they put new protocols in place to better serve you.

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