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W. J. R. with Joe Gannon the appliance doctor welcome back to the home appliance show we've got a listener and if the landing with a question about her washing machine this is Merrin good morning Maryland hi thanks for calling how may we help you well you know this happened yesterday and I was so glad that I could call you today I have a whirlpool washing machine up front load and it's about ten years old I've never had a problem with that and yesterday I went on the boat and it was it was the I can't get the door open there was two minutes on the timer and I can't get the door open and I pushed all the sequences that I can think of on the buttons and L. I. S. it's blocked close advance longer M. leftism plugs for about a half hour it still won't open well I want you to leave it unplugged for longer than that if you did it for half an hour fine okay but I like to say an hour or more so I would leave it unplugged for a couple of hours and see what happens okay now the other thing I'd like you to do is I'd like you to get some warm vinegar heat up a little bowl of warm white vinegar take a perfectly clean cloth and wipe up wipe off the touch pad control not don't soak it okay I I don't I don't want you to shorted out but I want you to dampen a cloth with warm vinegar wipe off the touch pad control and then after you've done that dry it off with a piece of Kleenex not paper towel a piece of Kleenex or tissue paper and and leave it unplugged for a couple of hours now by the time next weekend rolls along the K. so will you but you can always send me an email those closest gonna start getting moldy and there yeah I got to get him out right exactly I'm thinking crowbars right no no G. No hone who don't do that the oh boy I can't even suggest anything close to that okay okay but when that lock that lock mechanism is jammed for a reason I don't know what it is but it has to do with electronics and it's not something you can be hard on let's put it that way well I just started in the basement and I turned it back on and it still won't open and I'm pushing the the stock cycle button the red cancel button and it won't do anything and it is running there's something yeah and not until it's gone to forty five minutes all right well now's the time to shut it off all right okay wired with Banneker yep now you know I have a couple short questions that you probably can't help me with I my dryer I have a Samsung dryer and it it runs perfectly but it won't heat is it gas or electric gas the other is a gas valve in the bottom of that dryer there's a global coil that ignites the gas can you see that the global oil that gas valve through a little hole in the bottom not you mean inside inside the dryer no no on the outside of the dryer at the bottom now I can't see anything on the outside of the dryer on the side on the front of bottom of the dryer he look for a little round peephole of some sort because you have currently have a probably and nobody's fool around with the gas line in the house right no all right then you've got a problem with the gas valve and you're most likely going to need a service technician for that okay okay all right all right and I have an LG microwave that two days ago stop eating how old is that six months that's all that's still under warranty that's got a year's warranty on it doesn't get it but I called the company and they.

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