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John. Johns hopkins. Join your conversation about the possibility that American civil war right now. The only fragment the US, but plunged the world into disorder. It's happened before. Ronald Reagan was a figure who arrived when America was in tatters in the seventies. And stop the bleeding, certainly arrested. What could have been a triumph for the Soviets, Afghanistan invasion here? We are near twenty twenty is is Donald Trump in a position to stop the bleeding. Can he find a way to recover from the fragmentation that was probably the progenitor of his election, Michael? Well, let let's say that he has a sense of the fragility of the situation in geopolitical terms, and he understands that this rupture within America isn't going away anytime soon under those circumstances. The most prudent thing to do would be to put a lid on emerging. Conflicts like the emerging conflict. We were engaged in with Russia before the twenty sixteen election and in in some ways with with rivals like China to to show a tougher face. So that you can negotiate with them while you're still in a position strength while at the same time building up your capabilities, and the president has done that he's shocked the NATO Member States into plus up their militaries by billions of dollars, and he's encouraged Japan, and we are working closely with the Japanese navy, for example to to show a strong United front in Asia. But at the same time, there seems to be enough of a sense of conciliation say in terms of our European. Nations and Russia a stable basic American situation in the Middle East a lessening of tensions which were kind of peeking we recently with North Korea. And and essentially withdrawing from one of the most corrosive conflicts in American history are long tortuous adventure. In afghanistan. Doing all of those things is is essential. Because the worst situation a great empire. Great state confined itself in is to be plunged into an extended protracted civil disorder and at the same time trying to hold onto imperial a commitment that are unsustainable. And which rivals and enemies are are desperately trying to to leverage and gobble up. And this is this is the great irony. Of course is the people who who form the blue. Faction are so desperately, you know, overwrought in their hatred of the president they're willing to essentially. Put the entire world order at risk in order to either get back at him or to overthrow reminding. Michael chillingly that regicide is much more successful than the other thing, which is balanced power. Regicide has been has been a a ceremony that we've watched for two thousand years regicide, attends revolutions and civil wars in which the stakes are essentially at a religious level of Florida's. That sounds similar to what we've got right now. We've got about a minute, Michael. But instead of coming down tonight. Alarming. Because we have in place all the products for collapse all of them it. It could get that way. The the only consolation is that Russia is in far worse. Then we think China is entering also with its economic slowdown. Instability. Yes, instability in China. So if if if a calm hand is exercise we should be able to get through this. What I'm concerned about though is that there may be poor decisions made weather in the US or in China or elsewhere that would you know, sort of lead us into a conflict, we can't escape and that that is that is the biggest downside of of the civil strife and disorder. That were experience. Michael Vallejo's who teaches at Johns Hopkins is there right now a civil war in America. We don't know. But boy, it looks like I'm John Batchelor. This is the John Batchelor show. This is the John Batchelor show. Hi, I'm Lisa league nine years ago. I made the decision to focus.

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