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Best Russia fears. The last book in person needs to be talking about Kobe. Bryant are should have his ass beat that means APP Norwich should be. I would tell that is one guy like I try to this guy probably never hear about us our care but I wanNa Start Shit with people I actually want to be because you never even though you never know. But that's a guy that I would tell him to his face. Go Fuck yourself man. He's the last person us be talking about Kobe. Bryant now I got that out the way Kobe Bryant. You're going to be hearing a lot about Kobe. Brian YOU'RE GONNA be hearing a lot about the only the accident but you'll be hearing a lot about about sexual assault allegations which you know. They pulled up not too long ago for something. I think it's disingenuous to bring it up now. Now Eh opportunistic. It's like you don't use his death bringing up if you would beating the drum before. That's fine yeah. Yeah but now if you just coming out the woodwork. Talking about this Lee. I'm not telling anybody not to have an opinion about it but as you were saying this is now to do it today today. When it's on the Ma'am I'm Diane? What his daughter allegations Yeah not not not not convictions accusation. Yeah and believe me. I'm not I don't do hero worship but I you know this whole this whole thing we that was one of the things that kicked it off whereas like well you know a allegations allege means guilty. Now you know so. Ah That's going to be. That's going to be brought up. And as I said man you know everybody's GonNa be talking about his career and accomplishments that he made. Everybody knows his basketball accomplishments implements. I mean there's so many out there that that I didn't I wouldn't even have time to pull a segment together today for that but I mean anybody follows basketball cannot be denied his higher achievements out there like him past Jordan all scoreless. This happened back in twenty fourteen right. Here's one matching Michael Jordan and now a single free throw away from becoming the NBA spirit. all-time talk to probably the pageantry of those people wanted to see effective and appropriate because we did a certainly scored many weeks. WHO's proven to be in this to see history? Jimmy gets Everybody's going to be hearing about that. It is a man that is so so big so popular so amazing at what he did that even people who don't know basketball if you don't follow sports they know Kobe Bryant and I thought it'd be cool today to just sit back. 'cause everybody said this has taken taken everybody by surprise. I remember when I went to turn in my rent. A car To Go to Houston turned in my car today innate at at the place even they would like joey about Kobe Bryant. And I was like don't you. What's your car car based on myself? Yeah man so what. I thought I'd do today instead of Sin Beck in and talking about the tragedy which look no denying what happened and we have to talk about it but instead of like contributing to all of the morning. That's going on and sadness happening. I thought what we usually do here is that we we like to celebrate people's lives when they've made huge accomplish. Sure sure sure not thought it would be good to celebrate some of the mini accomplishments that he made within basketball which we kind of just did right there but mostly the accomplishments that he he made outside of basketball and with his charisma This is a weird thing about Kobe. Bryant Kobe Bryant and believe me Kobe Bryant has has charisma man ever since he was a young man twelve years old not in a video that was put out not playing basketball dazzle his ass. Oh Yeah love to ice ice baby. Twelve years.

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