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But a sevenfoot what center can were to go there and do what i can so is to supporting spearing course michael jordan and grease player ever play so huge bearpark coming to chicago never hurts dimension michael jordan that's bull sevenfoot center lorry market in a thin who played at arizona let's take a look at the traffic situation right now with as morally on right now southbound three fifty five we have a crash north of u s six two left lanes are blocked what were also watching on the inbound stevenson a vehicle fire at route fifty three causing delays from i eighty two three fifty five year it about an hour right now they're on the arrest of the from three 55 lakeshore drive that's twenty eight minutes twenty from the tristate and the outbound signed you are clear the edens is 21 on that inbound we're looking at fifteen on the outbound side kennedy is pretty heavy on that inbound you do have that roadwork happening around cumberland thirty five minutes from o'hare to downtown ten from the split outbound is clear and the eisenhower running with minor delays on the inbound side before i ninth avenue so we'll keep an eye on that on the day and rain that's 14 on both sides lakeshore drive looking good bishop ford i 57 clear and on the tolls other than three fifty five south of what that crash north of us six minutes into much of a protein ninetyfour little slow because of road work around seventy nine straight for traffic on the sevens or eighths or any time ondemand get the traffic chicago app just search t r a f f i x chicago as muddle jahn wgn traffic central the forecast from the wgn chicago weather center tonight cloudy spells otherwise thunderstorms reaching the city in the one two five am timeframe a little sooner up north the low of seventy one tomorrow a shower or thunder storm early than a mix of clouds and some sun breezy less humid going up to eighty two saturday becoming partly sunny comfortable oh cool for the season with a high of seventy six right now seventy nine at o'hare midway 81 elgin checking in at seventy nine seventy eight along the lakefront the barometer is holding steady the like michigan water temperature is sixty six i'm rob marty or the.

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