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A United Nations spokesman urging a run to abide by the twenty fifteen nuclear deal even though Tehran announced its exceeded a limit on in Richmond after the U. S. tighten sanctions tenue implementing all its nuclear related commitments under the J. C. P. O. A. as a participants continue to seek ways to overcome the considerable challenges the country faces at the White House president trump was asked if he had a message for Ron I think they're playing with fire the president signed that four point six billion dollar aid bill to help care for migrants at the southern border while some members of the house Hispanic caucus toward a trouble detention facility today in Clinton Texas Texas Democrat congressman Joaquin Castro says immigration and border patrol of a long way to go and improving conditions the system is still broken at the end right are still being pro publico reports a close Facebook page made up of current and former border patrol members included sexist posting comments mocking migrant desk there are many within CBP will become desensitized to the point of being dangerous to the migrants in their care border patrol had Carla provost says any employee violating standards will be held accountable I've come acquire the Los Angeles angels are announcing the death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs just twenty seven years old he was found in a hotel room the teams that game at Texas has been postponed closing arguments in the murder trial for navy seal commander Edward Gallagher the prosecution says he killed in isis teen the defense says it's a mutiny and his subordinates are lying despite the peta file clergy abuse scandals in the Catholic Church the Vatican has declared it is unacceptable to try to force a priest to reveal a secret that was told to him in confession Wall Street today stocks closed higher the Dow gained one hundred seventeen points this is a P. radio news the head of Taylor swift's former record label swinging back against her allegations of bullying everything Scott Borchetta a big machine label group says Taylor swift had every chance to not just her master recordings but every video photograph everything but she chose to leave he says he texted her that he was selling the label to scooter Braun's it's like a holdings and her father was a big machine shareholder swift had written on social media bronze clients including Justin Bieber and Kanye west have bullied her and brown has tried to dismantle her career she said she had no opportunity to buy her music catalog and she was surprised by the sale Bieber says both brawn and he support her brown has not publicly commented on switch comments marches are let up comedian Steve Harvey is serving up some scholarships he is putting it more news right after this.

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