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Along and bail out now and leave Mike joy would Jeff Gordon and some other guy that's never done TV before. And it didn't feel like that was the right thing to do. So I stayed on a little bit longer. And look, I see anybody. That's done what I've done with. It's a driving career TV crew. You can always look back and say, maybe I should have done something different. Maybe I should have thought about this. Or maybe I should have thought about that. But a focus on this this this is my home when I stand up here on Sunday and do this race. I'm I'm in one of those cars, I don't know which one I'll be in yet. Most people think I'd be in cal- Bush's car, which I'm the love Cowboys. Thanks. To watch in my by darn right? I m everybody in this room is one way or another. When you write a story when you tell somebody you always have to put your own kind of spin on it, your own personal opinion. And we're all guilty. Then I don't care if you say, no, no. I went to journal school. I sit on my hands. I don't clap. Well, that's bullcrap. 'cause we all do. That's what I've done in this one. I know it's out. I'm a race fan. I love a good. I love now level when a gas put on a show when I get out on a track and somebody's putting on his show. I'm gonna talk about always still everybody. Under garage is pretty simple, if you'll do this much, we'll do the rest, but you gotta do this much other word guilty sometime but making stuff, but we we've we really we embellish. We just kinda I'm Bill. It's just not right. It's not like radio where there's number two bumper Sabas outdoor helmed the door handle. I don't know if I are not because I'm not listen on the radio. But when it's on TV it is what it is. Is. And I love live TV and these guys will tell you. I don't like to rehearse so yes, we've mocked him in the past. Yes. That that has come up a few times. But let's be honest. He's a legend in the sport both driver and TV booth when when they started on FOX, they were the stuff I mean him and Larry MAC and Mike joy, they knew what they were doing. It's it was so fresh we've never seen that before in racing and the way they they brought coverage and man I race out of the box was couldn't have been tougher. Yeah. And they held it together. And you know, for the most part over this nineteen years stretch, they've done a heck of a job definitely recent years. There's been some laughable moments, of course. But don't take that away from Darrell Waltrip in his career throughout all aspects of his career in this sport. I mean, he spent almost fifty years now around NASCAR full-time as a driver as a car owner as well. He owned his own car there for a while. And as a as a broadcaster, so he's done more for the sport. The most people ever even dream of doing certainly more than you. And I have ever done Carey. So. I I'm glad he's getting a lot of knowledge from fans that were sad to see that. He's going to be going at the end of the year. Mom, also said to kind of see how things played out with the article in the stuff that came out right before this. But it turns out, I don't know. If you listen to the door bummer, clear podcast this week Kerry. But Jennifer are actually approached FOX about the article she was posting before she posted it, and then ever told her that the there was a retirement announcement or anything coming. So that kind of didn't give her a reason to not do that article. Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. So yeah. As you heard in the piece one thing that I took away from from DWI. And this is the approach that we've always taken in covering the sport is he's been a fan. I when covering the sport, you know, and even made fun of journalists that sit on their hands and don't clap, and don't, you know, cheer on their favorite driver, whatever. And that's kind of how we approach this sport. We're always fans. I and yes, we have hard cards. And yes, we get exclusive access, but it's all to provide that that coverage and those interviews to you guys. And so that's how we we kind of do the same thing. Yeah. At the end of the day, you have to love the sport, you're covering.

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