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They need to break that curse. How are you going to break it. Guess who doesn't believe in the curse who henry cavill should he's been interviewed time and time again and says. Do you believe the superman curse is real. Has it affected. Your life is no. I wonder if now leave a screw so believes in it. She does not believe in. And i'm very much in love with natalie viscose. Oh and i would thank you mark and stove or leaving my name out of and my penis out of your mouth. So what do you think i don't. I don't know what's going on. But i do know that when with the covid pandemic there's a lot of isolation and he's success in wealth and famous we've seen just with ruger. They lose their marbles with you know these are people who are saving coupons to eat at aaa and then the next year they're bringing in st no figures or more and they're just like overwhelmed by the fame and success and financial success and it goes to their heads they have thousands of fans telling them their shit don't stink and they start fighting with each other for for publicity and fighting with friends and family and it's like it's very disappointing to observe but you know that's the superman curse of the curse of perfection. Is that when people see you as a goddess or god they expect miracles to happen. And when you can't deliver them you have a breakdown. And i think henry cavill. Daphne feels like. He's under a lot of pressure. He's you know part of many successful film and television franchises. You know being a fitness pursed being known for your body can be enormously. Tax your objectified right and so you want people when objectified like that. You really want people to recognize like listen. I'm a human being. I have emotions. I have feelings. Please don't finish is me like that right but if you don't want people to speculate on you being gay saying you don't like man you like women women women women and here's a photo of your girlfriend to we have an alarm sound effect that we can play like the siren off. What do you mean like a like a alarm alarm like if you. If you're doing that kind of i don't know these games but maybe people are being like. She's you know i don't know what other people are saying. I haven't i haven't followed it. Maybe they're saying hateful things towards serving like she doesn't deserve her. Maybe she's not pretty enough. Maybe she's not smart enough that she's just after you fear for your money in your good looks and luscious torn rectum the people who follow tabloid presses. Mar stupid trumpers. Their garbage people s as peaches would call them and the idea of the perfect woman is now a blonde cruel woman who doesn't have any values and doesn't have any impact or humor and natalie exclusive. You follow if you look. I went and looked at her stuff. And i was like if i was a heterosexual muscular successful. Hollywood guy. this'll be a good girlfriend for me. you know and i was like i hope they're in love. I hope they're at peace. Henry cavill needs an editor. Needs some restraint. You like superman. Who just woke up. And he's like now throwing his lasers everywhere must destroy the world and i was just like combat tonight. Calm has asked it's harmful because you know he's not saying you know ben affleck not saying positive things about being gay right. He's not he's not saying like you know..

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