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Not your worst one. I've heard worse. Well, wait a minute. Is worse like more creative or no, no. Okay. No, it's just worse. All right, whatevs? Kyle Larson has a win there, three top 5s, two top tens, one poll, it's similar to Michigan where he owns the place, but not quite. Yeah, but with Hendrick motor sports under him, you think. This should be a runaway for him. Record of these contracts. Yeah. How about Kevin Harvick? He also has a win here 7 top 5s and 13 top tens. Local driver there, Kevin Harvick, if you want to consider Bakersfield two and a half hours away local. But they're going to say it on TV. They'll be like, this is his home track. He used to when he was a young boy he'd come down here and watch just like the track to open until 97. Yeah, yeah, and like I said, it was like 30 by then. Two and a half hour drive. Martin Truex Junior, like we said, has a win two top 5 7 top tens and a poll. How about Brad Keselowski, mister destruction himself? He should have been the one threatening to tear up this racetrack. One win, 5 top 5s and 6 top tens. And finally, the guy that owns this track at the moment for wins for Kyle Busch 11 top 5, 16 top tens, and he also has a poll. He even got the win that time that Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin had that tussle that ended up breaking Hamlin's back. See? See? See, Denny Hamlin, again. Always in the middle of the controversy. That's right. Hey, up next. Rowdy dragon has your fantasy NASCAR picks. Don't forget to listen and don't forget to make your picks. Next, definitely. On TfL W like us at Facebook dot com slash the final lap. The final lap weekly, getting you ready for this weekend's race. What's going on everybody? Rowdy dragon back with this week's final app weekly fantasy update. While we survived our first race of the season, being Daytona, super speedway. Let's take a look at our stage winners as they are for the first stage. We've got go fast and turn left. The second stage winner, mudflap VA, and younger guns brings home the win for the day with 221 points. I finished in the 38th position, I was doing pretty good up until that last wreck. And Toby finished in the 15th place, Carey Murphy, he's giving you guys a head start this year. He decided to sit out Daytona and let you guys get a bit of a head start. Now actually Carrie did forget to make his picks in his haste to get Daytona and all the festivities going. He forgot to make his picks. But that's okay. It's just gonna be a little bit more challenging for him this season, and if any of you knew players that haven't joined yet and want to join, now you gotta target..

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