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On cape cod right now and i hope we can get some of it yes we really do need the rain in their stuff in any better than a rainy sunday act already you get a lifetime ban are you sure do well we're getting into the time of the year where people can plant abdul lawn from seed and i love a fall planting of a law because the ground is nice and warm traditionally we get more rain which means less water that we have to do the you were telling us that you develop a new type of grass seed with the protocol lies there in it's gonna work really well forest tell us about it the or you know we talk about purtill monitor all the time and everybody knows the three primary benefit the proud allies there is our uh it helps the seeds germinate more quickly it helped more after sneaks germinate and it out pace because eager hurt that you don't end up a finders either their diseases your clan so we added approach to life there kid graf and when you sell the grass if this fall on that graf these could apart it's the it's going to germinate more quickly uh more this season go to germinate and you're not gonna be cleared by a lot of the uh basically ron diseases that you get because of moisture so we have a whole new class seed buying you.

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