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Will be happy cemetery u s that or anyone who kohls and asked our next coley is ah let's see we call on maga holly on listening in ontario holly welcome to the program all eu there i thank you for calling in your question tonight i wanna know what he's a blasphemy yes why can't boy yep blesses me is when a person speak something that is considered um uh sacrilegious usually they're scenes they're putting them self in the place of god or putting someone else in the place of god and that was called blasphemous um blasphemy against the holy spirit in the reason many people asked this question is because it says it's the one send the cannot be forgiven is when a person basically puts them cell from the place of god and they refused to listen to the holy spirit when god's godspirit brings conviction and if we continue to grieve away the holy spirit the holy spirit is the person of the god head that is instrumental in softening our hearts and leading a cigar and if we resist that there's nothing god can do to save us it's that's why it's a sin that can't be forgiven because it's a sin we refuse to repent of he's still there yeah you know we do have a book holly will be happy to send you a free copy about what is the unpardonable said are you worried that you've committed that sin no one in because um i i have a bible airing and and i mean it yeah frank sometimes a little harder to understand maybe huh yeah yeah you know one of the versions that i like having passed ross users frequently is called the new king james version of course love the king james version king james is a little more modern english but it's pretty much the same translation so it's going to be familiar uh some of the translations are as they became very um creative and some of the versus don't even sell the same when the translated from the original so um you might find that it's easier to understand in one of those translations like the king james the new king james appreciate your call we do have a book that talks about the what.

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