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Ride year right now on the Ben greenfield fitness podcast. Hey, folks is Ben greenfield, and as you know, doubt, know if you've been paying attention to my anti-aging in my longevity writings of late, one of the things I've really talked about is this idea of the blue zones in these areas where people live a disproportionately long period of time. One thing that I've talked about in some of the articles that have been writing of late has been this idea that they know why it is they're getting out of bed in the morning, whether it's the believe it's called the the pure davita that the Sardinians wake up with that reason for life or the Iki guy, the Japanese call it this reason that you actually get up in the morning, what your purpose in life is having that purpose. Having that drive having that reason that you actually live appears to be not only incredibly portent for anti-aging and for longevity, but also for happiness. And for meaning in life. And the thing is a lot of people don't know how to find that power how to find that purpose. My guest on today's show is probably one of the world's best people when it comes to being able to learn how to find your purpose and then not Chow not just how to find your purpose, but how to do things like. Critics strategy for putting that purpose into your life and even hack your nervous system hack. You're nervous has which we're gonna talk a lot about today. And in when you hack your nervous system, be able to actually develop that purpose even more and make it a real part of your life. My my guests on today's show is a guy who I've known for a couple of years now, his name his Masten, Kip and Masson wrote this book called claim your.

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