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The misery Maderas created with the Russians and Cubans help. Fox's Steve Harrigan is in Caracas Venezuela. And those protesters keep trying to get soldiers there to switch sides car Lada airbase, that's where one guy and the opposition launched a military uprising. They were able to knock down some of the gates set. Some fires throw a lot of rocks. But it simply didn't happen after few hours that uprising was put down by the disputed, president, nNcholas Maduro and his regime massive demonstrations underway at military bases in Venezuela. Again, today secretary pomp Heo meeting with the rest of the president's national security team. To discuss Venezuela and this provocative move by North Korea. North Korea fired several short range missiles off the east coast beginning just after nine AM local time today, according to the latest from the South Korean government, these missiles originated from one sawn coastal town, just east of Pyongyang's the Japanese government confirms the missiles, flew seventy two hundred kilometers before landing in the sea between North Korea and Japan. Fox's Jillian Turner the NTSB now at the scene of a splash landing at the naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida. Nearly one hundred fifty people on route from one Tana MO Bay Cuba. Cuba were on a chartered seven thirty seven that skidded off a runway during a storm and into the Saint John's river, they're all okay. A muddy track. For today's Kentucky Derby, the winner is maximum.

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